USA Political System a Huge Scam


The political system revolves around serving the wealthy elite class and corporate USA. Those are the entities that reward their well-behaving politician and bureaucrat lackeys AFTER they depart office or position. The lackeys know how the scam works. Behave properly while living on the taxpayer dime then, after retirement or voted out or resigning, the rewards begin.

The higher your position the more received. Ex-presidents do very well. Multi-million-dollar book deals, sell your name to a corporation to place on their paperwork as being part of the board of directors. Meet ONCE a year at the share-holders meeting and earn, as Gerald Ford did, one-quarter-million dollars yearly for that tiny bit of effort (worth several million dollars now due to inflation). Speech-giving is a big money maker as elites and corporations reward their lackey by inviting them to a function where all travel expenses are paid, the finest lodging and dining provided and a chance for the ex-politician or bureaucrat to hobnob with wealthy people making more valuable connections that can bring wealth to the lackey. Last I read Ronald Reagan set the speech record receiving 2-million-dollars for one speech.

Families are also rewarded. Locally, a small city local elites paid one of GW Bush’s daughters $25,000 for a 15-minute speech with all expenses paid. Corporate USA ensures those daughters get high-paying jobs with the best benefits.

Folks, the USA political system is a huge scam and the ones truly represented in government are those with vast amounts of wealth and the corporations that class of people own and control. You exist to serve the embedded systems of command and control.

At least we are not living in North Korea or Somalia!!! Things could be a lot worse!!! I wonder if this is true due to the many millions of Americans with firearms and a willingness to use them if tyranny becomes too severe?

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