Fearing for the Future


I fear that the actual numbers and percentages of the USA warrior class is declining. In the near future tyrants will be able to shove their mercenaries at We, the People and install their elite owned and controlled New World Order upon us.

And thus commences the New Dark Age for the masses and a Gilded Age for the elites and their well-paid underling overseers.


  1. Obbop, years ago (2004–2010) you were on the old “Don’t Marry” men’s forums that “Lee Raconteur” ran. I was “kdog” there and still use “K-Dog”. I am on the closest thing to a successor, TrainWithJoey, which is a closed, invitation-only, men-only forum.

    I’ve wondered what happened to you, and now that I’ve found your blog, I’d like to invite you to join TWJ. The only cost will be a good intro after you’re approved. What do you think?

    You can e-mail me, ekrampitzjr (at) hotmail (.) com .


  2. Thanks for the invite but I don’t do much message board or forum stuff anymore. What little commenting I do is either via blogs or responding to current news stories where commenting is allowed. Good luck with your forum!!!


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