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Off-topic, in a way, but current social events do affect patriots and patriot militias in various ways.

My observations of mainstream media output is that those lackeys of the elite-class seeking to force a New World Order (NWO) upon all of Western civilization promote gender-confused folks to don the gender of that which they are not genetically created to be.

Females seeking to compete with males as a male in athletic competition face nature hurdles they have great trouble overcoming. Males declaring they are actually female when competing with females where strength and/or speed are important have a huge natural advantage.

The effects of gender confusion being avidly promoted by the mainstream media and the army of NWO lackeys throughout society; from government to educational systems to the populace at large is causing changes to USA society and general life that many folks view as revolting. Those folks contesting the male-female gender confusion entrance into society at large, its being forced upon We, the People, are mostly voiceless. When the mainstream media does show discontent with this aspect of the evil NWO the portrayal is typically a negative one. The media selects for airing that one outburst at a city council meeting or a public protest where the angered person is, perhaps, mentally deranged or under the influence of alcohol or just so mad they speak without thinking, putting all protests in a bad light. The logical, rational output of patriots regarding this topic are ignored by the evil ones promoting the transgender issue as one of many ways to divide We, the People and assist the NWO with slithering in to occupy us.

Across the Web at commenting and message arenas and elsewhere where common folks can place an opinion the most frequently read opinion is one of a general “live and let live” attitude but STOP the constant bombardment of media propaganda and indoctrination trying to force acceptance and even embracing and admiring the minute portion of the populace that proclaims transgenderness. Also, demands to LEAVE KIDS ALONE!!!! are frequent regarding the “Woke” aspect of K-12 education. Also frequently mentioned is anger at public libraries having “reading hours” for kids hosted by drag queens and obvious blatant transgendered attention whores who are not just trying to live their life without barging into other folk’s business.

Something is very wrong in the USA and this wrongness is tied into the troubles that patriot militias face. Forces of good that seek to positively assist their fellow citizens and communities and even entire states or the USA as a whole if a serious enough event occurs are made out by evil tyrants and their lackeys as actually being evil forces of the right-wing or White supremacy or Neo-Nazis or whatever label makes patriots look bad by mainstream media that is, by far, the largest purveyor of propaganda and indoctrination throughout the USA.

I had a gal friend in California back in the 1980s who did part-time bookkeeping for two Gay fellows who lived together and ran a bookstore. She told me that they and their Gay friends were angered by the way so many Gays and LGBTQ++++ types (this was before the media adopted LGBTQ) conducted themselves in public and that idiocy such as Gay Day parades and Pride events where public displays of overt sexuality and exposing of excessive flesh via skimpy costumes and even outright nudity and performing of sexual acts was actually hurting Gays as a whole. Those two fellows and their cohort conducted themselves in ways to avoid drawing attention to themselves. They, too, had a “live and let live” attitude and lifestyle and according to my gal friend they never had any problems living their life.

Patriots, the New World Order forces purposefully uses the LGBTQ+++ cohort along with many others groups to purposefully tear apart USA society. Open borders and an ongoing invasion of the USA. Import Somali Moslems who are extremely expensive to maintain and who lack loyalty to the USA and our Western ways of life and who are also crime prone and yet another weapon against the West is revealed.

Patriots, look around you. Seek out the many methods that the NWO and its army of willing and/or brainwashed lackeys use to tear apart the fabric of USA society leaving a huge gap for the elites seeking total control and an eventual one-world government (starting with Western civilization and its sphere of influence) to slither in and assert themselves. Many European countries along with Canada, Australia and New Zealand are further along with this ongoing conquest. It is easier to detect the NWO at work in those countries but the trained mind aware of the dangers can spot many NWO influences permeating all parts of the USA.

This is yet another extremely complex topics with many variables that add to the confusion that complexity brings to any subject. The tyrannical elites are aware of this life fact and use it to their advantage.

How does this affect a militia unit? In the short-term likely not much unless your unit has been chosen by the media or a NWO-controlled association or organization such as the SPLC or one of the many other entities formed and backed by mega-billions of dollars to destroy the NWO enemies (that’s all patriots everywhere) as their target for the moment. Perform an act of patriotism such as peacefully protesting the ongoing invasion of the USA and you are a likely target. Do anything, ANYTHING, that challenges or threatens the NWO cause and you may see, hear, read gross lies and distortions about you and your unit.

Be aware of all threats. In the modern age where words and images are more powerful than ever the patriot militias are at a gross disadvantage. There is no competing with elite-owned corporate entities with huge teams of highly-trained professionals that are experts at swaying opinions, thoughts and actions. Add the elite ability to broadcast and print their messages that are easily and eagerly lapped up by a public that is increasing consisting of non-Western folks and by the uneducated immigrants and illegals who are not assimilating as was the norm in the past. The NWO tactic is to encourage immigrants and illegals to retain their 2nd- and 3rd-world ways. Look to the Web for the decline of the English language throughout the USA and how fast-growing minorities are bringing and keeping their customs and shunning becoming Americans. This is the diversity and multiculturalism weapon used so well by the cohort seeking to dominate all Western countries!!!

Arggghhhh . . . complex!!! A multitude of aspects of modern life!!!! Patriots are but pawns in a game where we have so little say-so. Events move fast and the winds of fate toss us around like a gnat in a tornado. What are we to do?

Be aware, I suppose. Stay alert and strive to stay healthy and protect your loved ones and avoid the things that can bring misery to your life. Look at Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers, locked away in a cell for month after month after month waiting for the corrupt legal system to amass as much evidence against him as possible AND to use him as a warning to all patriots of a possible fate if you do not toe the New World Order party line. Meanwhile, murderers and rapists are given minimal bail or bond and are roaming the streets among us; with some of them committing more felonies while Rhodes and other patriots whose minimal, if any, crimes make them political prisoners in a declining country that I fear the Founders would have great trouble accepting as the end result of their creation.

May future generations never fall under the shadow of the New Dark Age that a New World Order victory will bring to the USA and all Western countries. My decades of research and activism suggest to me that the NWO will emerge victorious. Only the most drastic measures could stop the triumph of evil. I discuss those elsewhere.

Health and happiness to all patriots of the USA and Western civilization.

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