New World Order seeks to enslave the Western world


With the sub-par political leadership forced upon the USA by the intrusion of vast wealth distributed by an extremely wealthy minute portion of the USA and foreign populace here referred to as the “elites” that buys their huge army of traitor lackeys within all Western governments and corporations and the elite’s vast array of propaganda and indoctrination systems seen partially with the media, entertainment and advertising industries and even educational systems via government lackeys and minions working within the educational systems that elite class is forcing their New World Order (NWO) upon all Western countries.

Political systems are corrupted with individual voters only given choices that NWO lackeys allow. The elites control their in-government traitors by offering legal financial rewards when the well-behaved lackey departs office or bureaucratic position. A recent example is Traitor Obama residing upon his multi-million dollar Martha”s Vineyard estate with a substantial income provided by systems the elite’s own and their lackeys operate. The rewards are extended to entire families of high-level lackeys to encourage future lackeys to join the NWO army. Look at the GW Bush kids who received well-paying corporate jobs and receive wealth from the speaking circuit that, the best I know, has rewarded Ronald Reagan the highest gratuity for being a well-behaved lackey, with TWO-MILLION dollars for one speech with all expenses paid. Book deals also convey ample unearned wealth to elite lackeys.

Patriots, there is much more to the New World Order and how a few elites are taking control of ALL aspects of our lives. Government and economic systems and cultural control via broadcast systems and movies and TV and news and print and EVERYTHING that influences people’s thoughts thus behaviors. Our enemy, the tyrannical elite class of the world, is steadily taking control and their evil NWO that will send the masses of common folks into a New Dark Age of servility akin to being serfs, peons and, if you anger the elites or their ultra-powerful army of minions, cohorts and lackeys, abject servitude could be your fate.

Another possibility is the tyrants using the legal systems as a weapon as seen with January 6, 2021 patriots being caged for months and with assured convictions via a corrupt perverted USA legal system combined with NWO-indoctrinated jurors doomed to years, decades or life sentences of hell in a cell.

While the masses face total control by greedy, evil, power-hungry tyrants and traitor lackeys of their masters thus a New Dark Age the elites envision a Golden Age of far greater wealth, power and control than Hitler envisioned with his Thousand-year Reich. Fearfully, with the immense wealth thus power of the modern elite class, I shudder at the thought of the New World Order taking control of all Western countries and our sphere of influence across the planet and creating a New Dark Age capable of lasting TEN-THOUSAND years and likely longer until the rain no longer falls, the streams run and the grass grows.

Hopefully the Asiatic countries can combine their might to defy the NWO. This eventuality is too far in the future for me to prognosticate about. I hope the Asians can defy and maybe even defeat those evil tyrannical elites of the West. But, I will be long dead by then. I truly feel sorrow for the people of the West when the elites attain total control.

I wish the graphic would represent the future but to defeat the elites within the USA would require, I believe, a successful military coup by patriot military officers who would place the USA on a total-war footing and declare full-scale no-holds-barred WAR against the worlds’ elite class and dethrone them then start the huge process of altering the USA command and control systems those elites and their minions, lackeys and cohorts altered to serve the elites. Ensure that the future elites (there will always be an elite class in a group of social creatures) can not become the tyrants they are today ever again.

Destroy tyranny or be prepared to serve the tyrants!!!

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