Teaching While White



The Role of White Educators in Antiracist Education




A “coconspirator”??? Well, that “teacher” at least omits a male perspective in her tirade that is aimed at what appears to be evil Whites and their Western civilization and the female role in that “evil.”

Of course . . . all of my words are merely my opinion. Perhaps I have misinterpreted the messages within the linked-to Web site. Maybe I am the “wrong” one regarding this issue. Whatever the case may be if I had school-age kids I would do all I could to keep them out of public K-12 educational systems unless I thoroughly inspected the school and its educators AND the administration to determine they were no spreading New World Order propaganda and indoctrination.

Now on to the screed placed upon various sites within the Web as a warning to others . . .

HEY!!!! EVERYBODY!!!!!! Absorb the WHITE GUILT and assist the New World Order with destroying Western civilization allowing the super-wealthy elite class to force their one-world government upon the masses of common folks. The elites will be our supreme overlords using their army of well-paid minions, cohorts and lackeys as their jack-booted thugs to FORCE us to obey the whims and dictates of the elite overlords who will be our hereditary ruling class.

Do as the White Guilt-laden well-indoctrinated educators think and do as they obey their elite-class masters and indoctrinate their students into the proper thought processes expected of good well-behaved peons, serfs and peasants required to obey the all-powerful masters and their thugs while we, the Common Folks suffer through a New Dark Age for us while the master and ruling classes bask in their Golden Age!!!

Patriots, do not allow those spreaders of deceit and evil near your children. Consider removing your kids from K-12 public schooling and prepare them to fend off the propaganda and indoctrination filling colleges, universities and even trade schools. The New World Order fills every nook and cranny of Western societies with pervasive pleas of every type and variety to OBEY!!! Think and perform as the evil elite class that owns the propaganda and indoctrination systems wants you to. Defy them!!! Teach your children to defy evil.

Is it too late to save Western civilization? I fear that the issue is in doubt.


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