Having immense sympathy for those put-upon upper-class special privileged folks living upon Martha’s Vineyard I will offer my solution to the horrors they underwent what with having a horde of illegal alien invaders forced upon them by evil forces within the USA.

To ensure that Martha’s Vineyard NEVER ever ever is forced to undergo a repeat invasion of those criminals invading the USA I propose that somebody, some where acquire and detonate a large multi-megaton fusion thermonuclear device two-miles above the island’s surface. An airburst maximizes property damage and human deaths while minimizing radioactive fallout. Not that that would be a bad thing, especially if the fallout settled upon elite-class enclaves where the tyrant traitors forcing their New World Order upon the USA and all Western countries dwell.

Perhaps Mr. Putin or a cohort of Moslem jihadists backed with petrodollars could initiate the action to save the lovely deserving high-ranked oh-so special folks of Martha’s Vineyard from a fate worse than nuclear annihilation; forced to endure the invaders from afar as the masses of common folks of the USA are expected to not only endure but to embrace and admire the agents used by elites to assist with forcing a New World Order upon We, the Defeated People.


Slide show below. Forward/reverse controls on either side of the graphic.




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