NWO Traitors Attacking USA Patriots. Has the Time for Rev War Two Arrived?



“Members of The Oath Keepers, a far-right extremist group, are requesting a venue change before their upcoming federal seditious conspiracy trial related to the January 6 riot — claiming they can not get an impartial jury in Washington, DC.”

What is an “extremist group”? How can a label such as “far right” be fairly applied?

While reading many news stories over the prior months since the Jan 6, 2021 Capitol protest that some folks, organizations and associations labeled an “insurrection” I paid extra attention to the Oath Keepers (OK) coverage. I joined OK a few years back as a show of support for their Ten Orders We Will Not Obey and because members were volunteering to protect Trump supporters when he last campaigned for president and the stooge Biden won the race. Alas. Sigh. Anyway,

Do you folks recall the minimal news coverage of anti-Trump evil-doers attacking Trump supporters arriving to attend rallies across the USA? Even elderly folks were physically attacked and harmed!!! At a minimum, Antifa, Black Lives Matter (BLM) and other violence-prone groups/mobs along with well-indoctrinated leftist individuals, verbally harassed pro-Trump folks instilling fear and worries within those peacefully assembling.

Where is there even one mention of Oath Keepers protecting people from societal scum in the New World Order-supporting mainstream media? All I read are negatives. And pictures of OK members attired somewhat akin to how Antifa and BLM routinely dressed when they engaged in public violence are paraded constantly as PROOF of OK evil intentions to attack others and tear down the legitimate USA federal government!!!!  BS!!!!

Experience taught OK personnel that those opposing free speech and anything that is not Marxist or part of the far-left NWO are well-known for violent attack and often done in a sneaky underhanded way with no warning. Thus the need for helmets and Antifa and other evildoers liberally apply anti-bear spray and dangerous wasp killer against their foes thus the need for face shields.

Pre-planning for an insurrection? How about preparing for attack by evil forces that in the past . . . far too many times . . . occurred against innocents and forces of good while police ignored those misdemeanors and felonies!!!!  TRUTH!!!! I read too many news stories back during the Trump campaign era with text and pictures as evil-doers ran roughshod over pro-Trump folks. Many of those stories were posted by independent non-mainstream elite-owned sources. Some were blog posts that included ample pics including pictures of cops standing idly by while Antifa and others attacked innocents!!!!

And the evil, vile, anti-USA elite-owned pro-NWO mainstream media attacks Oath Keepers.

Murderers and rapists are released on bond yet for month after month Stewart Rhodes is stuck inside a tiny cell. Is the federal government so fearful of those who defy a New World Order and its huge army of minions, cohorts and lackeys? I believe they are afraid for there is nothing else but the bravery of non-indoctrinated patriots opposing the NWO takeover of the USA.

Patriots, I fear that a NWO victory is inevitable barring extreme measures I do not mention here.

I am saddened at what I see the USA becoming.

Take care, out there, patriots. If you instill fear into a NWO lackey it may be you lodged in a cell for many months awaiting a trial purposefully delayed so that the NWO can wear you down and have your incarcerations act as a deterrent to other patriots. Who can afford to go without working to support their family so that despicable vile evil forces can make an example of yet another patriot?

I am stopping here. Anger grows within me. Along with a sense of futility since there is nothing that I or a million of me can do to alter the deeply-embedded systems of command and control that allow government and big business and very-wealthy elites to have a stranglehold over the entirety of the USA.



Members of the Oath Keepers, including founder Stewart Rhodes, are asking for a change of venue before their upcoming sedition trial, citing the ‘incessant negative publicity’ of Jan. 6 defendants






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