Bring the Jobs Home


Hmmm . . . thus we would boycott a majority of the items on many (most???) USA retail shelves. Has the time arrived for a firm to create outlets across the USA offering only made-in-USA items? Perhaps the time for an online-only retailer doing the same and save costs that can be passed along to buyers by eliminating all brick-and-mortar stores.

Even though of marginal means scraping by on $1,200 monthly I do try to buy made in USA items. My experience has been that USA-made products are of superior quality to many foreign-made items. When a foreign item is of the same or similar quality the savings can be marginal or non-existent!!!

Traitor Biden needs to ignore the greedy elite overlords and corporate entities he serves and start whatever processes are needed to bring jobs back to the USA and make us less dependent on foreign entities that will never have USA best interests at heart.

The traitor politician filth following Biden need to also do whatever is required to make the USA independent of foreign firms as much as possible. Especially with critical items such as food, medicine and other vital aspects of life. Energy must be conserved as much as possible and steps taken to minimize wastage and that applies to everything!!! Waste not want not is a vital adage.

Steps must also be taken to do everything possible to perfect nuclear fusion as a power supply. If made workable as envisioned more than ample electric power and fresh water will be ours with no radioactive byproducts to dispose of. Make it so!!!

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