When will the New World Order Enslave We, the People?



Patriots, take care when you require medical care. The USA medical system is purposefully decreasing the quality of doctors within the USA. The two links below both have the same video and one contains the text within the video.

The New World Order (NWO) I mention frequently is a system of beliefs and actions promoted by elite-class members with immense wealth who use their army of indoctrinated and/or well-paid lackeys to carry out the mission in a multitude of ways. From assisting those invading the USA across our purposefully wide-open borders to subsidizing extremely wealthy corporations with taxpayer dollars and allowing those corporations to create monopolies that ensure there will never be true competition in the market place and as shown with the video and text at the links, political correctness will place sub-par medical doctors in the field lacking the resources that higher-quality and well-qualified potential doctors have but due to being White or Asian they are shunted aside.

Patriots, ponder the ramifications across entire industries as government, bureaucracies, corporations, institutions of all types such as the legal and medical systems promote mediocrity while leaving the best and brightest at the wayside.

Will medical care become a part of the reparations scam? From the article:

“The FDA said that giving scarce drugs to blacks and Hispanics first compensates them for “systematic health and social inequities.” Two Boston doctors have come up with “An Antiracist Agenda for Medicine,” in which they say that colorblind medical treatment isn’t good enough. There must be “medical restitution, which must be pursued at the institutional level.””

There is a lot of information in the text and video. If this trend continues I fear for what the USA is devolving into. I can truthfully declare that I am glad that my younger, best years were lived before extreme political correctness exploded and that evil, vile NWO became increasingly powerful and assertive with no sign of slowing down.

I wanted freedom in my life. Free to wander. Free to try different jobs. A freedom that would be curtailed by doing the marriage and raise a family lifestyle. At my late-stage in life I have no regrets for what I chose and now with the NWO and the massive amounts of bull crap and idiocy deluging the USA I am grateful that I left no kids behind to experience what is coming their way.

Patriots, for a quarter-century-plus I have studied trends within the USA. I fear that the NWO will eventually garner total control of the USA and the majority of Western countries. Perhaps all Western countries will enter the New Dark Age that for the elites and the traitor filth serving them will be THEIR Golden Age. The only power that can stop the government-corporate-elite axis of evil is the might of a country’s military engaging in full-scale revolt.

I can not envision that happening within the USA or any other Western country. Patriots, I know I am coming across in a negative way but I call it as I see it. And things look extremely bleak. I truly hope that my prognosticating is faulty. In the meantime . . . take care of who you select as your doctor. There will be good ones out there but the numbers of sub-par doctors who only became an MD or other advanced medical specialist because they were given lower standards to meet and the trials and tribulations of becoming a doctor were purposefully reduced so that ignorant not-as-motivated buffoons receive that diploma that used to mean something but in the New World Order mediocrity is well-rewarded.

Medicine Goes Dangerously Insane


Video at the Rumble Site


I highly recommend the American Renaissance Web site: American Renaissance

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