When Facebook Fails and Censors Normal Folks


When Facebook censors content then the option of placing content in a blog with a link to the blog content placed upon Facebook is one option for allowing Facebook users to view material censored by the corporate droids serving their corporate master.

Eventually a Facebook alternative that does not censor normal content will arrive and I expect a migration to commence as the masses abandon the New World Order-loving anti-USA anti-Western civilization Facebook.

Below is the content that Facebook refused to show:


“WWI and WWII were also seen as not being America’s wars.”

An excellent case can be made that the USA entry into WW 1 was an unmitigated disaster of epic proportions. As typical, elite-owned mainstream media of that time convinced the masses (quite easily) that the Hun was the evil one requiring destruction. If the USA had remained aloof and refrained from involvement Germany and cohorts may have won that war thus preventing the rise of Herr Hitler and the ensuing WW 2.

This is complicated stuff that only a minute minority of the populace has the acquired required prior knowledge to comprehend and this is not the venue for transferring the numerous complexities that would explain the reasoning offered by minds far superior to mine.

Back to the future that is our present. Ukraine is not the USA’s war and any USA citizen disagreeing with me and others advising that the USA maintain a hands-off posture I urge them to remit the entirety of their personal wealth to foreign despots and warlords and, even better . . . hie on over to Ukraine and don the fighting garb and grab the weapon of a fallen soldier and join the mob as they advance against the Russian Bear.

Good luck, have fun and send a post card when you can.

Afterwards my thoughts reverted to an easier simpler time in my life when hopes and expectations contracted from a world view to a more localized one:



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