End with a bang or that proverbial whimper?


Below is the post made at the Web’s finest general militia-related site:




Patriots, how can USA society remain peaceful, to whatever extent is possible what with the citizen criminal element being too large, when our law enforcement officials along with politicians and various bureaucrats refuse to assist with stopping the ongoing invasion of the USA?


QUESTION: Will you honor ICE Detainers?


I will honor all legally issued warrants and court directives that have been signed by a lawful judicial official, such as a judge or magistrate, as my sworn duty requires. Again, I will do all I can under the law to keep the people of Wake County safe.”


Reporting on this horror along with information about the three illegal alien invaders murdering a sheriff deputy can be found at the following link:


Donnie Harrison joins Democrats to keep Wake County a Sanctuary for illegals


“Three Mexican brothers identified as part of an investigation into the shocking killing of a North Carolina sheriff’s deputy were all in the country illegally — including one who was caught and released at the border under the Trump administration.

Alder Alfonso Marin Sotelo, 25, and Arturo Marin Sotelo, 29, have been charged with murder in the killing of Wake County Deputy Ned Byrd.

Their younger brother Rolando Marin Sotelo, 18, faces a weapons charge but has not been charged in connection with the deputy’s killing.

All three sneaked into the country, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Arturo was first arrested jumping the border as a juvenile in 2010 and was allowed to return to Mexico. Authorities don’t know when he sneaked back into the U.S.

Border Patrol agents first nabbed Rolando as a juvenile in Arizona in October 2019. He was sent back to Mexico but returned two months later. He showed up 1,000 miles to the east at an official border crossing in Brownsville, Texas.”


ICE identifies cop-killer suspects as illegal immigrants


Patriots, it is very common for media outlets to purposefully omit details such as when a suspect or convicted criminal is an illegal alien invader. I have been active in the anti-invasion movement since the 1990s and have noticed that the media omission of lack of citizenship has become increasingly common.

After a couple of computer crashes over the years and the losing of saved files and folders I sought reports of a past crime involving an illegal invader from Mexico who had been ousted 6 or more times but kept returning to commit more crimes. Jail and prison terms never deterred the invader. However, the criminal invader solved our problem in a most horrid manner. In Oregon he raped two nuns beating both severely and slowly, painfully, strangling one to death with her rosary beads.

I saved the news reports telling the criminal history of the invading fiend and that gave lurid details of how vicious and cruel that beast was in his criminal behavior. Years go by and LO!!!! Could I find ANY of those old news stories upon the Web? NO!!! I did find watered-down versions omitting a LOT of information and, as proof that much of the USA media supports the invasion along with the New World Order as a whole, it took many attempts to find even ONE mention that the rapist/murderer was in the USA illegally!!!!

The militias can not make up for the lack of will of a country unwilling to defend itself from invasion. Militias that try to slow the flood of invaders at the border are lambasted and severely berated by media outlets and traitor organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-defamation League along with MANY MANY MANY others associations and organizations created and/or supported by BIG money . . . the super-wealthy elite-class of the USA (the too-large traitor portion of that group) along with massive amounts of funds handed over by corporate entities that are owned by the elites and operated by their loyal lackeys who are loyal to wealth, not the USA or its people.

Folks, the complexity of these issues makes it difficult to describe and explain the dangers they hold to the Founder’s creation. I suggest the curious look to Europe to confirm the horrors brought on by massive immigration, invasion and refugee settlement. Western civilization is being diluted by foreign ways, customs, beliefs and a lack of assimilation into Western ways of life. Europe is in severe danger from its Islamic onslaught. The USA has fewer horrors of that nature but they DO occur!!!! (911, 2009 Ft Hood Murders and others).

One adage declares “Import the 3rd-world become the 3rd-world.” Go live in an area where large numbers of various immigrants of all types reside and ask yourself as you look around is this what you want the USA to be like for your grand-kids? How about their grand-kids?

The media fails to inform the general public about the MANY negative impacts that Somali refugees FORCED upon We, the People by traitors wherever the feral savages roam. Minnesota, Maine, Wyoming, California all have horror stories to tell that may get brief LOCAL media coverage but the stories quickly disappear and follow-up coverage is rare. Finding news stories about those horrible evil anti-USA right-wing EVIL VILE militias are much easier to find than the band of Somalis arrested for cross-state sex slavery and forcing females into prostitution!!!!! Attacks against hated infidel White USA citizens by Somali Moslems are also hard to find since those news stories, if they ARE reported locally, tend to disappear from view forever!!!!

Patriots, the USA is changing in ways that is removing us from what the Founders created. The changes are guaranteed to assist the New World Order one-world government seeking elite class to take control of the USA. Other Western countries are in worse trouble than we are!!!

To avoid causing any possible problems here I shall conclude this essay at my blog. I will post the link to the conclusion placed there in a reply to this post.

My God have mercy upon the common law-abiding, civil, patriot portion of the USA for I fear that a New Dark Age awaits. It may take 100-years or more, maybe less, before totalitarian control occurs but I am convinced that the New World Order is inevitable due to the hard-to-envision to us common folks immense, vast wealth thus power held by a minute percentage of the populace. Wealth equals power. Wealth buys loyal lackeys. Wealth control the propaganda and indoctrination systems. Wealth buys lackey bureaucrats in education systems that allow youth to be indoctrinated with what normal folks view as revolting and immoral. Wealth buys prosecutors, judges and attorneys allowing the elites to use the legal system as a weapon against us. Can YOU afford a team of lawyers devoted to endlessly working at advancing YOUR cause?


The IMMENSE VAST COMPLEXITY of events and affairs confronting us greatly assists the advancement of the New World Order.


I close with a question: Is the only possible option to avoid an inevitable New Dark Age occurring when the New World Order takes full control of the USA a successful military coup that takes full control of the USA allowing the removal of the New World Order elites, their minions, cohorts and lackeys then undoing the many alterations to the many USA systems of command and control that allowed those elites to do their evil deeds? Then, after the repairs are made, returning to civilian control with barriers in place that prevent a powerful few from garnering such incredible amounts of control over the totality that is the USA?

Is the current USA political system incapable of doing what must be done to stop the New World Order?

Are We, the Common Folks of the USA, doomed to a future of serfdom forced to obey the dictates of elite-class overlords wielding the powerful cudgel of huge all-powerful bureaucracies filled with loyal lackeys whose allegiance is with the wealthy overlords?

Questions that if never answered and acted upon will assuredly, I fear, remain mere questions as the inevitable horrors of enslavement descend upon the common folks of not only the USA but most to all Western countries as our Western civilization is snuffed out by greed and the lust for total control and power.




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