Will YOU be the next victim of greedy traitor cops and a corrupt perverted legal system?


Tyranny rules the South Carolina legal system. Patriots, big government backed by a corrupt legal system ensures that We, the People are steadily becoming We, the Serfs who are forced to serve the minions, cohorts and lackeys who serve their elite-class overlords who are forcing an evil New World Order upon us.

I fear that the only method of successfully fighting back and defeating the enormous wealth and power arrayed against the common folks of the USA is via a successful military coup by patriot military officers. Only that cohort can initiate the required many changes in a corrupted array of systems of command and control.

“Today, in a stunning decision, the South Carolina Supreme Court upheld the state’s civil forfeiture laws, which give police and prosecutors broad powers to seize and keep innocent people’s property without charging or convicting them of a crime. Despite a long list of well-documented abuses—including many outlined in the award-winning TAKEN series by the Greenville News—the court held that its hands are tied and reform must come from the legislature.”

A Web search will reveal many cases of law enforcement stealing the wealth and/or property of citizens never convicted of any crime. This report tells about tyranny in South Carolina but over the years I have read of evil tyranny attacking innocent citizens in Nebraska, Nevada and other states. How long can a supposedly free people endure such abuses?

South Carolina Supreme Court Says Only Legislature Can Fix Injustice of Civil Forfeiture


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