NWO Attacks Democrat Politician



“A Texas official who blew the whistle on the White House pressuring El Paso not to declare a state of emergency — because it would make President Biden look bad — has been targeted by the Democratic Party.

The city became a flashpoint in the migrant crisis as over 2,000 people a day flooded over its border in September, overwhelming the city’s shelters and services.

Despite calls to action from councilors, Mayor Oscar Leeser refused to ask for state or federal help and the city spent over $8m dollars dealing with the crisis.”


Texas Democrats turn on El Paso whistleblower Claudia Rodriguez during migrant crisis


The New World Order (NWO) requires a couple-hundred-million more entrants (they are never illegal alien invaders) to assist with the completion of the NWO take-over of the USA. Divide and conquer is an ancient war-fighting tactic and war is what this is. The many greedy self-serving politician, bureaucrats, corporate higher-ups and common folks know that the elite class pushing the NWO reward very-well financially those who assist their goals. One of many proofs of these rewards is traitor Obama and husband Mike residing lazily within their multi-million-dollar Martha’s Vineyard estate whose property taxes yearly assuredly is far more than most to maybe even all of us earn in a year’s worth of honest work.

Refuse to assist the elites and you will be attacked as is Mr. Trump by the elites and all they own; the press, media, many corporate entities, associations and organizations and the fore-mentioned lackeys. Rodriguez is merely the newest victim of tyrannical assault.



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