USA wide open to any type of attack


Traitors within all aspects of the USA open the doors for foreign enemies to enter and weaken the USA to ensure our maximum vulnerability when our enemies decide to attack.


“In 2015, Chaoqun, while working as a spy, even went as far as enlisting in the U.S. Army as an E4 Specialist. However, despite actively being a Chinese spy, the Chaoqun denied working for a foreign interest and failed to disclose his relationship with high-ranking foreign military officials on his enlistment paperwork.

Because of these charges, Chaoqun now faces up to 15 years in U.S. federal prison.

Unfortunately, this shocking case is just the latest example exposing significant vulnerabilities created by the U.S. government’s unending commitment to importing hundreds of thousands of Chinese nationals to fill coveted spots in American institutions of higher learning. “


Student Visa Holder Convicted of Spying for China Before Joining U.S. Army


Please explore the NumbersUSA Web site. I have used it for many years to receive vital information about the ongoing invasion of the USA and the horrific actions of the many New World Order-supporting traitors assisting with weakening the USA so that tyrannical elites can become our overlords.

Join NumbersUSA and you receive, if you want them, pre-written e-mails that with a couple clicks will be sent to various politicians.

The Chinese spies have an easy time infiltrating all aspects of the USA. Well, diversity IS our strength . . . right? (gag puke) Embrace multiculturalism no matter how many cultures dilute that which is the essence of the USA. Embrace the destruction of the USA or be labeled a BIGOT and worse!!!

That wanton wench of the West, Senator Feinstein of San Francesco, had a Chinese spy listening in for years. But one of MANY cases of foreign folks slithering into the USA and embedding themselves with great ease.




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