No Idea as to Who to Believe Regarding Ukraine and Russia

Tornado battalion founder Ruslan Onishenko



Who do we trust? Who do we believe? When the USA elite-owned media continuously, relentlessly, constantly bombarded We, the People with pro-Ukraine and anti-Russia propaganda and indoctrination I was increasingly suspect as to which side was truly the “bad guy.” Hell . . . BOTH parties can be the “bad guy”!!!

Idiots in Congress applauding that Ukraine head honcho as if it was the Savior from the Creator sent to Earth to offer us eternal life in glory. Fuck that shit!!! Those politician filth too often serve their moneyed masters who await to reward their lackeys after they depart political office. That is how lackey traitor Obama obtained a multi-million-dollar estate on Martha’s Vineyard and is set for life financially. The entire family is rewarded. It is how the political system of the USA functions and it is all legal the way the scam is committed.

President Trump refused to be bought. This we saw and still see the elite-owned media attacking Trump along with the many elite-owned lackey traitor filth in political and bureaucratic positions. Trump was doomed the moment he decided not to bow down to the elite-class overlords. Even commoners are subject to attack though we do not receive nearly as much publicity. The corrupted legal system is the typical weapon used to destroy the lives of commoners failing to abide the elite overlords or their army of lackeys. Look at the Jan 6, 2021 protesters labeled falsely as “insurrectionists” in what sure was the most peaceful insurrection ever in the entirety of human history. Imprisoned since arrest awaiting trials that took an extremely long time to occur while murderers and rapists across the USA were freed on bail. Yes, Virginia . . . the USA does have political prisoners and the founder of Oath Keepers, a truly patriotic group, was one of those political prisoners.

The many aspects of the events mentioned above along with the perversions filling USA governance would require several lengthy books to just begin to cover. This complexity assists the ongoing efforts of a super-wealthy elite-class minority to impose their New World Order upon the USA and all Western countries as they seek to become the all-powerful overlords that they envision as lording over the entirety of Western civilization. When that occurs and I fear that if events continue as they have that their victory is assured then the assault against the Moslems and then Asian countries such as Japan, China, Kore, Philippines, etc. will commence. Is it starting to real akin to the novel “1984” by George Orwell.

All that can save the USA from a dire fate is, I believe, a successful military coup by patriot military officers. After they take control our best and brightest patriots will start the process of unraveling the embedded evils planted by those elites and their minions, cohorts and lackeys. The systems of command and control altered over the years to assist the elites with garnering the immense wealth and power allowing them and their monolithic corporations to amass an army of well-paid lackeys must be dismantled and precautions taken that ensure such amassed wealth thus power can not happen again. Restore the USA the Founders created and envisioned but that has fallen by the wayside as tyranny increasingly takes total control of the USA.

Here is the article that led to the creation of this post:


“These are animals, not people”: Zelensky frees convicted child rapists, torturers to reinforce depleted military


Follow the link for text and video. No idea who to believe but having been bombarded endlessly by the USA elite-owned media and the actions of Congress lackeys and traitors I am prone to believing that the Ukraine is as evil as Russia. Why are BILLIONS of OUR dollars being handed over to criminals when that wealth is direly needed within the USA.

Then why care about another country when the USA is being invaded by hordes of illegal alien invaders at our southern border?

Surely it is time for patriots to rise up and end this madness!!!


To what extent was Russia’s actions based upon a fear of an encroaching NATO alliance? The Warsaw Pact is dead and gone. Russia has nothing to counter NATO with. To what extent did a fear of Ukraine becoming a NATO member prompted Putin to act as he did? And I have no faith in Western media giving us common folks the entirety of the situation over there in Europe.


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