Southern Poverty Law Center | The Counter Jihad Report

Source: Southern Poverty Law Center | The Counter Jihad Report

“Pretending that Islam or Islamism has no role in fueling most global terrorism today obscures the ideological confrontations required to counter the appeal of Islamist terrorist groups. This confrontation should be led by more moderate Muslims who unfortunately are sidelined by too many politicians and journalists in favor of radical Islamist organizations.”

MN: Killer of 12-year-old girl is sentenced to life in prison

MN: Killer of 12-year-old girl is sentenced to life in prison – Google Groups

“Sanchez, an illegal immigrant, had been living in Waseca for about two years under a false name before the murder on April 20, 1999.

On Monday he admitted in court that he had burglarized the Larson house and left, but returned because he thought he had left his ID.

Minutes later, Cally Jo got off the bus from school and walked into the house, confronting Sanchez. He said he tied her hands and feet, stabbed her and then hung her from a banister to be sure she was dead.”

Traitors inside the USA want the illegals inside the USA. Charge all of them with aiding and abetting EVERY felony committed by illegals anywhere inside the USA. The tens-of-thousands of charges will ensure those traitors receive life sentences in HARD LABOR camps.

Sweden is Dying: TV Ad declares, “The New Country” – Ethnic Swedes will be replaced

People of the West!!! The enemy is invading from the outside AND the traitors among us within who are giving away our birthright, culture, society… everything!!! Fight the good fight, people of the West. Evil is among us and is lording over us from the highest societal levels. The West is doomed if this insanity continues. Better to die a free person in battle than as a slave in servitude to tyrannical overlords.