Traitors Infesting Government


“On September 11, Kamala Harris Likens Trump Supporters to the 9/11 Terrorists”


That wanton wench Kamala Traitor Harris lambasting patriots of the USA sits on her lazy butt and does nothing to stop the ongoing invasion of the once-sovereign USA by a multitude of illegal alien invaders.

That Kamala hussy is a TRAITOR to We, the People and the Founder’s creation. The same can be said of Sniffin’ Joe Biden who is a loyal lackey to his super-wealthy elite-class (NWO) New World Order-promoting masters and to monolithic corporate systems that well-reward their well-behaved politician and bureaucrat lackeys AFTER departing office or position. These legal rewards are well-represented by traitor Obama whose entire family was and still is financially rewarded using various legal methods making that ex-president a multi-millionaire. Career politicians know how this scam functions and perform in ways so that they, too, will be rewarded by their elite and corporate masters.

Trump refused to follow the traitor path so the elites that own the corporations (filled with traitor lackeys) had the mainstream media that they control AND their lackey politicians and bureaucrats enter attack mode against patriot Trump. These attacks continue after Mr. Trump has left office. The New World Order (NWO) elites and their huge army of well-paid lackeys want to send a strong message of warning to all current and future patriots that fighting “the swamp,” the embedded traitors and their systems that have taken control of many aspects of the USA, is futile and doing so may be your ruination in office or position and continuing on after departing the scam that the USA political and governmental systems have become.

I fear that only Revolutionary War Two can defeat the New World Order tyranny that has effectively seized control of the entirety of the USA. As time passes that control becomes evermore embedded. Unless stopped a New Dark Age awaits the masses of common folks. Including the many commoners who have been indoctrinated into accepting and even embracing the elite’s NWO.

For the elites and their minions, cohorts and lackeys the rise of tyranny will be a Golden Age for that select group. Parasites sucking the wealth, spirit and soul from the masses of common folks forced to submit the the new Overlords.



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