Avoid USA Public Schools


State requirements for teaching history to K-12 public school students can be frustrating at best and nigh-on impossible to meet for the instructor wishing to share reality with his or her students. For this and a multitude more reasons such as political correctness, spreading the “Woke” cause and encouraging an all-consuming New World Order I advise that the wise person shun entering the K-12 teaching profession.

Even if you seek to, perhaps, overcome some of those negatives by inserting objective reality into your lessons and nullifying some of that negative content the evil forces arrayed against you are so powerful that you will be quickly stymies with your efforts. The best thing to do is try to convince fellow patriots to do all they can to keep their kids out of the typical USA public school system.

Some schools and school districts are not as bad as others in regards to negatives but none are doing the job that must be done to ensure the continued existence of the Founder’s creation.



Slideshow below. Embedded and external controls assist viewing. Pause show to read text or download graphic.


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