Elite-owned Media is Freedom’s Enemy


Elite-owned pro-New World Order Woke anti-freedom pro-tyranny mainstream media adores news events such as a dead royalty figure or a hurricane striking the USA since that content is used as filler to fill an entire nationwide news broadcast and allows the cohorts, minions and lackeys of their corporate and elite-class masters to totally ignore the evils of their politician lackeys committing treason against We, the People.

Babbling buffoon Biden gets a breather as do all the other traitor filth such as Harris, Pelosi and far too many more as bad or worse than they are. If ANY report other than non-stop queen or weather coverage slips in assuredly it would be the traitor news media tossing out their latest created negative story about patriot Donald Trump.

May horrid things befall those tyrants and their lackeys striving to force their evil New World Order upon all within the USA along with every other Western country. Life at hard-labor sounds good. For the worst offenders toss in total asset seizure and use those mega-billions of dollars to repair some of the damage those evil scum have caused the USA and those within.


Slideshow below. Use controls to scroll the graphics.


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