New Dark Age Appears Inevitable


Be careful patriots. The corrupt perverted legal system and New World Order (NWO) lackey traitors in political and bureaucratic positions will destroy your life as they are doing with the Jan 6,2021 protesters by piling on fake charges and lying followed by more lies to send a message to all patriots across the USA that we are powerless in their hands. And we are!!!

The elite-class controlled media and news agencies and other propaganda and indoctrination distribution systems are very effective at convincing the mentally lazy and weak-minded people that what the elites and their well-paid lackeys spew is truth, facts, right and proper and that whatever they attack are enemies of the USA and all within. Read message and commenting board comments about the Capitol protesters written by the indoctrinated. We seldom read anything original. Instead, we read the same crap over and over of those indoctrinated idiots spewing the same words, terms and phrases the media lackeys used.

The elites and their huge army of well-paid minions, cohorts and lackeys are winning this ongoing war of NWO attempts at gaining total control of existing governments. The war is hitting all Western countries and many are toppling and being taken over by the Army of Darkness that will be forcing a New Dark Age upon the masses of common folks lorded over by the elite-class masters whose orders are enforced with whatever brutality is required by their hired bureaucrats. Serfdom, peonage and abject slavery for those that anger the overlords is our fate.

Patriots, I am convinced that only extreme measures can defeat the tyrannical elites and their massive army. Where are the New Founders with the quality minds and fighting spirit with leadership abilities to bind and guide the patriot forces? Because of the power of the tyrants I doubt if that force can be formed without being attacked and destroyed. Thus the only other defense then offense against the evil tyrants would be a successful military coup by patriot military officers. What are the odds of that happening? Patriots . . . due to the incredibly huge amount of wealth and control of corporations then their huge influence upon government I fear that there is no feasible way to fight the elites and their army.

We are doomed and future Western folks face a fearsome future of servitude. I hope I am wrong but the facts and ongoing events predict a New Dark Age arriving for the common folks with a small percentage of the populace living as New Royalty in their New Gilded Age.

Slideshow below. Change the graphics using manual methods. You can figure it out.


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