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What is the appropriate punishment for evil vile fiends laughing at a dying man?

Hidden camera tells true story of how veteran died after calling for help, gasping for air

An 11Alive investigation uncovered hidden camera video catching nursing home staff laughing while an elderly patient dies in front of them. The incident happened at the Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation in 2014, but the video was recently released as part of a lawsuit filed by the family.

Attorneys representing the Atlanta nursing home tried to prevent 11Alive from obtaining the video. They asked a DeKalb County judge to keep the video sealed and then attempted to appeal to the Georgia State Supreme Court. The judge ruled in favor of 11Alive and the nursing home eventually dropped its appeal to the state’s highest court.

The video includes almost six hours of video court deposition from a nursing supervisor explaining how she responded to the patient before she knew the hidden camera video existed. The video shows a completely different response.

The deceased patient is 89-year-old James Dempsey, a decorated World War II veteran from Woodstock, Georgia.

Follow the link for much more information and the several videos this TV station has kindly place on the Web to spread the word that there is pure evil filth among us. Where will the fiends strike next? Will they be lazing and watching TV as the taxpayer supports them?


Do those devils deserve some harsh military discipline?

Footage was recently released of a Nursing staff including a supervisor laughing as World War 2 Veteran die in pain on his bed. The incident took place at Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation center in 2014, but was just brought in the public light after 11 Alive News won the court battle against the nursing home to make it public.

I am omitting the thoughts within my mind since if I placed them here it might offend some folks. How many other folks have died in the same or similar way with foul fiends the only ones present?

Illegal immigrant who was previously deported from the U.S.

MS-13 gang member eyed in El Salvador murder nabbed in stabbing of Colorado woman

Investigators delved deeper into Ramos’ past and discovered he is a member of the notorious and vicious MS-13 gang and wanted for murder in El Salvador. It’s unclear when Ramos entered the U.S. and when he was deported.

The elite-owned mass media constantly reports about wonderful illegals with A-grade school averages and other meaningless froth but be aware that it is rare when the media tells us that a suspect or convicted criminal is an illegal alien invader barbarian. Follow the link below for a small sample of the huge amount of vicious crimes illegals commit after invading the once-sovereign USA:


Illegal alien charged in 2015 murder of New York socialite

The murder scene was horrendous

“The murder scene was horrendous,” Westchester County District Attorney Anthony Scarpino said. “From our evaluation, we believe the murder weapon was a home fire extinguisher, and she was brutally assaulted.”

Stupid illegal. There are sanctuary cities created and operated by USA citizen traitors that cater to illegals. He should have headed to one of those safe havens.

Judge Them by the Content of Their Character

I do judge “them” by direct observation and the huge number of crime-related news stories that daily fill the Web with new examples of “their” character. There is an acronym I view being commonly used “TNB.” I shall omit deciphering it for my own reasons but the outrage remains and I am convinced that decent folks will best serve themselves and those they love by distancing themselves and loved ones as far away form “their” as is possible.

Elite-owned media tries to hide facts about illegal alien invaders

AOL is an enemy of We, the People. No text mention that 11 of the males were illegal alien filth. Mention is made in the video. Whoever within AOL is hiding facts regarding illegal alien invaders MUST be made an example of… in a most severe legal manner so as to deter other traitorous filth.

Police have charged 22 people in a wealthy Nashville, Tennessee, suburb after the men agreed to pay to have sex with underage girls whose online profiles had been created by law enforcement agents, authorities said.

The results of a four-day operation by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is the latest major case involving Backpage.com, an online classified site that has been accused of promoting sex trafficking and where the men sought the ads.

Tennessee police net 22 men for seeking sex with girls 14 and 16

Another Gent’s Writing

Let The Hammer Fall!

Below are the words of another fellow posting in a blog within a Web site catering to what I label as a place where patriots gather. I was impressed with the message and the writing ability used to convey the message. Having seen many Web sites disappear over the past two decades I do not want the chap’s writing to disappear so I am placing it below. Everything past this introduction is his writing. It should be obvious but… just to make it clear to all.. this fine fellow is in no way connected to my/this blog and everything I place within my blog is NOT connected to him in any way.

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