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What a deal, not easily surpassed even if the well-guarded gates and entry barriers to the USA gold repository at Fort Knox, KY were thrown open and the guards wandered off to do whatever guards do when wandering.

Perhaps plundering nearby donut shops?

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Southern Poverty Law Center Puts Golden Dawn North America On “Hate Map”

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The Southern Poverty Law Center is an organization subsidized by wealthy benefactors to harass and put on hit-lists people who do not fit their narrow agenda for the world. Unless you are a transsexual Zionist feminist, there is a good chance you will be put on the SPLC’s “list”. Groups on this list range from people who do not support gay marriage, to blacks who dress up like Hebrews from the movies, all the way to Catholics who wish to practice a traditional Latin mass.   Now Golden Dawn of North America, who are Greek patriots collecting charity for Greeks, are considered a “hate group”.   Ethnic charity collections are very common in the new world, especially amongst the Jewish community who collect unimaginable amounts of money to help specifically other Jews around the world.  Often these Jewish charity groups are Zionist, the ideology of a state that believes Jews are a…

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SPLC — Recordbreaking Bloat

Originally posted on Watching the Watchdogs:

The Southern Poverty Law Center has released its financial numbers for Fiscal Year 2010 and once again it looks like business has been goood for the Captains of the Hate Industry.

F/Y 2010 was the second best year in SPLC history, with $31,023,148 tax-free donor-dollars pouring into the coffers.

Just as impressive were the $26,563,924 tax-free interest dollars that pushed the SPLC’s already over-bloated Endowment Fund to record levels.                        (Click chart for larger image)

The SPLC’s Endowment Fund now tops $216 MILLION dollars. Despite taking a $50 million dollar hit in 2008, the SPLC rebounded in record time. Not bad considering the nation has been in the grip of the worst recession in decades. Not bad for a non-profit organization.

No wonder the SPLC handed out 4-, 5-, and even 6-digit raises to its all-white executive team last year!

The good news is that the Endowment Fund has finally…

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Nobody else is going to save you but yourself-but how? Read on. I hold no copyright to any articles, save that: 1)You reproduce in entirety 2)Link to freedomguide.blogspot.com 3)Accredit authorship to J. Croft

And that I just did. Essay copied here in case its current location at the link ever disappears. I do not agree with all within the essay but I consider it interesting and maybe you will, too. Everything that follows is copied from the original site:

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FBI data backs up Trump claims on illegals and crime

FBI data backs up Trump claims on illegals and crime

Largely unreported data published by the FBI appears to back up Donald Trump’s contentions regarding illegal aliens from Mexico committing drug and violent crime offenses in the U.S.

According to the FBI, criminal gangs – in some regions comprised significantly of illegal aliens – are wreaking havoc in the U.S., with 65 jurisdictions nationwide reporting gang-related offenses committed with firearms account for at least 95 percent of crime in those areas.

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Divide and Conquer


Seems weird to me. School in the 1960s started after the Labor Day holiday. Nowadays the norm for school starting appears to be in the middle to the latter part of August. The varmints start summer vacation in May while we of the groovy era started in the first part of June. Just one of a multitude of changes within the USA.

The ramblings of the Disgruntled Old Coot, me, are spread across several blogs. I consider this to be the main outlet of my mind thus the most fearful one for normal folks to read. As I observe the human herd, however, being a part of the norm is a very undesirable thing to be… for many reasons, some that are incorporated into several of my blog entries.

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An armed revolution might be necessary

The anger among the common folks is growing. I have advocated Revolutionary War Two since the early 1980s. Hopping upon the Web in 1995 allowed me to place a finger upon the pulse of America. The tyrants controlling the systems of command and control have usurped the Founders intentions. The political system will not allow any meaningful change. What is needed now is a new cohort of Founder-quality folks to muster the masses and proceed to restructure the governments of the USA (mostly federal level but all levels need rebuilding) and the many systems that have been infested by the tyrants whose wealth and power allowed them to engage in class warfare against We, the People.

A day of reckoning is coming. It could be averted but the tyrannical elites are unlikely to reduce their immense greed enough to release their stranglehold upon much of the national wealth and control of the systems of command and control.

That was the comment I added to the article from 2013 telling of the growing anger within the USA. My observations attained from the Web and what I hear folks declare in real-life discussions is that the percentage of folks ready for revolution is steadily increasing. Follow the link below and check it out.

29% of Registered Voters Polled Feel Armed Revolution May be Necessary




Force Congress to back up their actions?


Defend the systems that are so lucrative for the upper classes but too many of those scum at the top of the socioeconomic hierarchy use and abuse the masses. That is what the common folks are indoctrinated to do. Screw that. This blog is full of examples of the masses of common folks being spit upon.

The report of yet another USA trooper killed in Afghanistan despite the so-called withdrawal not long ago gave me an idea…

Perhaps have a rotation system wherein one Congress person is always present whenever and wherever USA troops are sent to foreign lands where danger threatens.

Do not allow those so quick to send the common folks to hostile areas to hide in a safe area far from danger. Place them as far forward as possible. In the front lines would be great. For the older feeble ugly scum such as Pelosi and Feinstein who adore their beloved illegal aliens that cause so much harm to the common folks it would not be practical to have those wretched traitorous elferly feeble (mentally and physically) fiends too far forward. Place them as close as possible to the battle zone so that there is a chance that incoming artillery or an attack by infiltrators places their elite-class selves in peril as the commoners they despise so much are in peril.

Seems fair to me.