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Texas A&M cancels white supremacist rally set for Sept. 11

Texas A&M cancels white supremacist rally set for Sept. 11

Pro-White bad, anti-White good?

Complicated stuff. Culture trumps skin color but too many USA residents lack the basic brainpower to comprehend the importance of culture and the requirements for a constitutional republic to operate effectively, I believe.

Diversity and multiculturalism assists tyrants with lording over the masses. Some of those masses are fighting back. Tyrants own and control the media and much of the government. Their propaganda dissemination is immense and allows the indoctrination of the many weak-minded sheep to bleat their delight with their masters and to despise anything their masters order them to hate.

Free-thinking folks who shunned or cast off the elite indoctrination can verify that elite propaganda exists and is very effective.

Crowds on Demand | Celebrity Experiences for Rent | Entourages, Paparazzi and Fans| Strategic Publicity Stunts | Corporate Events

Crowds on Demand | Celebrity Experiences for Rent | Entourages, Paparazzi and Fans| Strategic Publicity Stunts | Corporate Events

If this is a spoof it is a good one. If real, when we view the news disseminated by the elite-owned media spewing propaganda that assists their agendas, be aware of the possibility that paid shills are in the crowd working and performing in a manner to influence public opinion.

Also remember that many to most to… all???!!!! politicians, bureaucrats and others spewing buzz words and negative or positive comments about various events may simply be performing for those who reward them now or will, in the future, when the lackey shill leaves political position of bureaucratic office.

We, the People of the USA are bombarded with lies, propaganda and with every manner of “brainwashing” method to make us accepting of the tyrants lording over is on so many ways.

Yes!!! The USA is benevolent compared to many other countries BUT… I remain convinced that the USA is still a HUGE scam and that the masses of common folks are being spit upon.

Educate yourselves!!!

VIDEO: Protesters Attacked Charlottesville Driver’s Car With Baseball Bat

VIDEO: Protesters Attacked Charlottesville Driver’s Car With Baseball Bat

Initial reporting by elite-owned mass media came across as being extremely biased against the “White” protestors and backing those who attacked the “White” protestors. Opinions abound and vary immensely and the Web is full of them. Beware of the propaganda disseminated by the elite-owned media that constantly and relentlessly promotes the agendas that promote their chosen causes that often are detrimental to the common folks of the USA.

Will the Media Televise the Revolution? Will you be watching?

Will the Media Televise the Revolution? Will you be watching?

“…led by a media set on destruction of our constitution, abandonment of the law and complete dominance over all who disagree with them.”

Replace “media” with “monolithic corporation” to convey reality more accurately. A simple test of strength with the immensely powerful and wealthy holders of power’s reigns doing whatever needed to maintain command and control of the many systems that guide/control/lead all aspects of the USA.

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Revealed! The INSANE cost of illegal immigration

Revealed! The INSANE cost of illegal immigration

“Out of the 187,855 inmates in (federal) custody, 42,034 are foreign-born,” according to the report, which was obtained by The Horn News.

That’s almost one-in-four. Tens of thousands of prisoners, who committed felonies, are in this country illegally. They committed a serious crime, got sent to the federal pen… and they’re costing taxpayers billions of dollars each year.

Worse, that just includes prisoners held in jails run by the federal Bureau of Prisons – the 42,034 doesn’t count most prisoners in state, city, or county prisons.

At least now we know the size of the problem. The Justice Department and Department of Homeland Security has to produce a report on criminal aliens four times a year, thanks to an executive order signed by Donald Trump.

For specific horrors committed by rampaging illegal alien invader barbarians try:

Illegal Alien Crime Report

Military tribunals are needed to investigate, bring to trial and, if guilty, prosecute the traitors to We, the People who assist the ongoing invasion of the USA. Politicians and bureaucrats who fail to do their jobs of assisting the fight against what is an invasion must also be tried with very severe penalties if found guilty.

Those mayors and city council-type politicians fighting for continuing that “sanctuary city” crap are, in MY opinion, deserving of life at hard-labor sentences.

How many innocent USA citizens will illegal alien filth murder, rape, molest, maim and harm in so many ways before the governments at all levels do their job?

It is time for We, the People to get tough. We have been spit upon and abused for far too long… by invading barbarians and the traitors in our midst.