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Navy sailor sacrificed himself to save 20 lives after the USS Fitzgerald collision

Navy sailor sacrificed himself to save 20 lives after the USS Fitzgerald collision

Those who have served aboard a warship are aware of the alien, bizarre environment in what can too easily become a steel coffin. A man with guts saved others’ lives. Yet the elite-owned media will spew about rancid entertainers and sports stars with but a brief, if any, mention of this hero. Why is that? Those highly-paid entertainers male the elite-owned corporations far more money that the heroic acts of a commoner.

Will the day come when USA heroes decide the USA is no longer worth defending as it is? Perhaps the warrior class will break away and grab a big chunk of land and create a New USA. The Old USA will not dare try to take it back… we will have the warriors. Old USA will have lusters of money and power.

Dorothy Clark “Dottie” Smith Knight- Find A Grave Memorial

Dorothy Clark “Dottie” Smith Knight- Find A Grave Memorial

I should be thinking of rocking chairs, but every time I hear something I get all fired up,” Dorothy told an interviewer in 2003, as she urged her fellow citizens to remember the vision of the Founding Fathers. “We’ve gotten too far away from the constitution. Our country has become corporate America.”

I like her style. We need many more folks akin to her. I believe if the Founders appeared today that they would look around, notice the massive negative influence of monolithic corporate systems upon government and all aspects of the USA… with many of those aspects negative up to dangerous to the freedoms of We, the people, and commence preparing for Revolutionary War Two.

Tyrants despise the truth when it goes against the PC agendas

Tyrants despise the truth when it goes against the PC agendas | F169BBS

Will be deleting the links to Pinterest I have in my blogs. I will not tolerate censorship when the TRUTH is being conveyed. The comments I added to many of my pins refrained from vile language but I DID refer to facts and TRUTH. Pinterest can run their site as they will, it is their right. If they want to operate their site in a politically correct manner I will not assist their endeavors. I have deleted my many thousands of pins at their site. No more Pinterest for me. Hopefully other Freedom Fighters encountering PC tyranny will do as I have done.

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