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Please… know this before continuing. There are many topics covered within this blog. Some of what I write will surely be despised by some folks. Fine. What I want all who enter this blog to know is that because something is mentioned within does not mean that whatever is mentioned endorses my OPINION(S)!!!!!!!

I have posts about various people and entities and their being mentioned does NOT mean their mere mention in this blog is to be construed as their endorsing my opinion(s).

Also: sites linked to anyplace on or in this blog likely have no idea the link exists and thus that link does NOT indicate that the linked-to site or person(s) running the site agree with or endorse anything within MY blog!!!

I want to make what should be an obviously logical thought OBVIOUS!!!!

The more research I conduct the more I realize that the average reading comprehension level of the typical USA citizen is deplorable. I refuse to write at a 6th- to 8th-grade level even though that appears to be the level to write at to allow the maximum number of readers to understand my words that convey ideas, thoughts, beliefs, opinions… all the things that words try to convey.

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I am adding to this sticky page a list of other Web sites that have banned me from commenting in their Web sites’ commenting areas.

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Texas church members accused of starving ‘demon-possessed’ toddler and then trying to resurrect him

Obama, senator Claire McCaskill and far too many other traitors to the USA and the masses of citizens demand yet another amnesty for the many millions of illegal invaders entering the USA.

Too many of those entrants are incompatible with a modern society and are arriving and sucking up huge amounts of taxpayer money. Along with economic costs are many negative social costs and this news report is but one of a multitude.

How long can the invasion of the once-sovereign USA go on before the America as we once knew it is gone? Destroyed forever? Turned into a tyranny with We, the People mere serfs of our ruling masters?

Will the much-needed Revolutionary War Two occur to stop these traitorous acts by the many traitors infesting the USA?

Texas church members accused of starving ‘demon-possessed’ toddler and then trying to resurrect him.

Open Borders1276223952346slapinface.JPG

Tyranny rules the USA

Subjective opinion based upon multitudinous observation opportunities provided by the wonderfulness of the Web accompanied by real-life interactions by an old dude whose attentions are not diverted by the portable electronic device that never leaves the hands of so many USA droids nowadays.

A cohort exists whose numbers are growing that is ready to destroy the systems lording over the masses of common folks and try anew. General agreement is that the Constitution be used as a base with the new set of Founders expanding upon that base to create new systems required to operate a modern country. The enormity of what has been tacked to the Constitution has created the scam that is the USA today.

The political system has been co-opted so that no meaningful change can be accomplished via that farcical method of command and control that convinces the powerless masses that their voice spoken via the vote actually has influence upon the ruling overlords. Hah.

The modern freedom fighters uniting against tyranny are operating at the information stage to counteract the massive indoctrination by those controlling the USA. The hope is that, eventually, that massive numbers of angry citizens can use peaceful means to make meaningful changes in the scam that is the USA. Sadly, that lofty goal is generally agreed as being very unlikely.

The elites and lackeys appear to be using divide-and-conquer tactics to assist their ongoing class war and tyrannical rule over the masses. Evidence of this belief is reported daily here and elsewhere as competing races, ethnicities, religions, sub-cultures and others fight among themselves instead of uniting and fighting back against the tyranny that rules the roost that is the USA.

Tyranny must be destroyed.






America’s Future?

I like this essay. Makes sense to me. A definite possibility. Much omitted but only a small portion of reality can be conveyed in a short essay.

I recommend that all folks read the short essay. To whet your appetite a small portion of the start is here then follow the link for the rest.

How Long America?

Is it possible for the United States to break up, either de facto or formally?

I wonder. The country is not a happy place. Today it is more consciously and resentfully divided, politically, regionally, racially and by sex and class than perhaps ever before. The rich prosper and the middle class sink. Three major racial blocs eye each other with fear and hostility. The hard left controls the media and government against the desires of much of the country, enforcing social engineering that is deeply disliked. Feminists make war on men, and destroy the schools and universities. Washington is widely loathed. Rules, laws, and regulations never voted on grow ever more burdensome and intrusive. Many quietly want out. The question is how to get there.

A breakup will not come by armed secession. We tried that, with poor results. It will come, if it does, by gradual degrees, by inadvertence, by quietly ignoring the central government, by incremental defiance. This has begun. Whether it will continue remains to be seen.


Get on over there via the link above for the entire essay. I have my own opinions on how and why the eventualities postulated within the essay may occur and those reasons can be found in the other posts within this Disgruntled Old Coot blog. Such a shame that greed and lust for power is leading to the destruction of the Founder’s creation.



Oath Keepers & Three Percenters !!!

The forces opposing the tyranny created by the unholy alliance between big government and big business are growing. Educate yourselves, citizens. Tyrants are using the massive systems at their disposal to indoctrinate the masses to accept the huge scam that is the modern USA.

Oath Keepers & Three Percenters !!!




Class war continues. Tyranny wins again

SWAT Teams Can Now Enter Your Home Without A Warrant Thanks To This Stunning New Court Ruling

“The only pretext a SWAT team needs to temporarily seize your property is to use it as an observation post in an emergency situation, a federal judge in Nevada has ruled.

Police even have the right to smash down your door with a battering ram without a warrant and shoot you with pepper balls in order to take over your property, US District Court Judge Andrew Gordon concluded…”

Follow the link for the entire story. Yet another of a multitude of instances that indicate to me that tyranny within the USA is growing in scope and becoming increasingly emboldened in their class war against the multitude of common folks within the USA.

Below is the post I placed upon a message board elsewhere as part of my efforts to assist the many other fine folks trying to counter the massive elite-owned and lackey-controlled propaganda system in the USA and around the world.

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Man Shot Dead by LAPD on Skid Row Was From Cameroon, Not France: ICE


Yet another illegal alien criminal released to prey upon American citizens.

Originally posted on KTLA:

Charley Robinet is seen in a 2000 booking photo provided by the Ventura County Sheriff's Office. Charley Robinet is seen in a 2000 booking photo provided by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office.

A man who was shot dead during a Skid Row altercation with LAPD officers was from Cameroon, not France as he had claimed, a U.S. federal immigration official said Wednesday.

The 39-year-old man, whose true identity is not known, went by Charley Saturmin Robinet — the name that Los Angeles police sources gave when describing him as a French national Tuesday.

However, later Tuesday, a spokeswoman for the French consulate in Los Angeles said the individual had stolen the identity of a French citizen by that name in order to get into the United States.

On Wednesday, a spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said the man was actually from Cameroon, the francophone nation in Central Africa.

A screenshot from a bystander's video shows Los Angeles police officers struggling with a man moments before he was fatally shot on Skid Row on March 1, 2015. (Credit: Anthony Blackburn via Facebook) A screenshot from a bystander’s video shows Los Angeles police officers struggling with a man moments before he…

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