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Question at the F169 Message Board

If White Privilege is a thing then why does Elizabeth Warren pretend to be Native American?

A warning to all reading this that the link above leads to a message board primarily infested with the dregs of society. Some are highly intelligent and well-educated but some are from the lowest societal levels and would likely be a danger to confront in even a well-lit alley or even a major street with a thronging horde of pedestrians bumping into each other.

The post title drew me in akin to a politician sensing a campaign donation. The responses to the question are at the thread. If you do go there gird thine loins and fasten the arrow/sword/spear deflecting breastplate and be prepared for down-to-earth and even raunchy commentary. The stuff I revel in. Political correctness as it is currently practiced by so many within the USA is not treated well at F169.

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Family of NYC Bombing Suspect: ‘We Are Outraged’

Family of NYC Bombing Suspect: ‘We Are Outraged’ by Law Enforcement Response

In a statement read by Albert Fox Cahn, the legal director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations in New York, the family said it was “outraged by the behavior of law enforcement” following the bombing.

Video at the linked-to Web site.

I wonder if it would be worth the risk for a military coup that installed a military dictatorship then declared war against the Islamic invasion of the USA? While fighting the Islamic threat to the USA war could also be declared against barbarism of all types and the ongoing invasion of the USA by illegal aliens.

Once some needed alterations were made I would hope that the patriotic military officer corps would revert back to civilian control. What if they did not? Could life in the USA actually be better for the masses of common folks with the military at the helm? Would monolithic corporatism be reined in and those abuses against the masses be curtailed?

I do not know. However, when viewing ongoing events within the USA in totality I do wonder if the current path is followed if We, the People are merely marching towards future doom.

Just Another Day in a Sanctuary City

Illegal immigrant found guilty in murder of family of five in San Francisco

An illegal immigrant from Vietnam faces life in prison after being convicted Monday in the 2012 hammer-killing of a family of five after losing money at a casino earlier in the evening.

Binh Thai Luc, who had a violent criminal history and was supposed to be deported in 2006, was found guilty in the murders of a family of Chinese immigrants. He was also found guilty of five counts of attempted robbery and two counts of burglary.

When will YOU and/or a loved one(s) be murdered or raped or both or other horrid crime by your local illegal alien filth?

Illegal Alien Crime Report

What Could Go Wrong Bringing a Moslem Into The USA?

Ullah came to the United States from Bangladesh with an immigrant visa on Feb. 21, 2011. He is a legal permanent resident with a green card.

The suspect in the New York City subway blast Monday told investigators he detonated a crude bomb after he spotted a holiday display and did it in the name of ISIS to avenge the deaths of Muslims around the world, law enforcement officials said.

Akayed Ullah, a 27-year-old Bangladeshi immigrant, said he consumed terrorist propaganda and learned how to make the explosive device through online instructions, the officials said. He assembled it at his Brooklyn apartment, they said.

NYC blast suspect Akayed Ullah aimed to avenge Muslim deaths, sources say

What will perverted sick disgusting political correctness do to We, the People next? Maybe require all families with cute teen-age girls to allow refuge to convicted hebephiles who are out on probation and are transitioning back into general society after their prison sentence? Rabid dogs have rights, also!!! Allow them to run free for the rest of their natural life. What other idiocies can Western countries do?

Sometimes I wonder if the USA needs a military coup and the installation of a military dictatorship so that political correctness can be stamped out and the enemies of the West required to depart.

Why Does the Elite-Owned Media Fail We, the People by not Informing us About Evil?

29 Somali MUSLIMS indicted for kidnapping, raping, and selling underage white girls

Courts in Minnesota, the state with the largest Somali MUSLIM population in the U.S., have seen similar issues in cases where defendants or victims are Somali MUSLIMS.

“When you are dealing with an insular inbred community, especially whose native language is not English, people are going to worry about the ramifications of testifying in court against community members,” Scott said. “The Somali MUSLIM community is a very insular community in Minnesota — everybody knows everybody (and most everybody is married to their own family members)

Barbarians are being FORCED upon We, the People!!! Have you ever voted for or been asked if you want these foreigners brought into the USA… too often at your expense by having your tax dollars spent to bring these scum into the USA then support them for generations after they are brought in?

This crap must end!!!

Should They Hang in Public for All to See?

MS-13 foiled in attempt to kidnap, kill teen boy on Long Island

President Trump went to Brentwood in July and vowed to crush MS-13, while pledging a tougher approach on immigration. “They have transformed peaceful parks and beautiful quiet neighborhoods into blood-stained killing fields,” he said about the gang. “They’re animals.”

MS-13 has been linked to at least 25 killings on Long Island since January 2016, Newsday reported.

The USA has been invaded and is in a state of WAR but enough of our so-called “leaders” have not been directly harmed so the USA remains a “killing field.”

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