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What a deal, not easily surpassed even if the well-guarded gates and entry barriers to the USA gold repository at Fort Knox, KY were thrown open and the guards wandered off to do whatever guards do when wandering.

Perhaps plundering nearby donut shops?

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Refugee rapes 79yo woman at German cemetery

A new rape scandal is brewing in Germany after 40-year-old man from Eritrea with official refugee status was arrested as he was sexually assaulting an elderly woman at a cemetery in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Source: Refugee rapes 79yo woman at German cemetery — RT News

Islam destroys life quality in every Western country the filth infest. USA traitors FORCE the filth upon us. Prepare to revolt, patriots.

Undocumented immigrants given roles at Democratic convention

The Democratic Party has selected a handful of undocumented immigrants for official roles at next week’s Democratic National Convention, in a bid to highlight the gaping policy divide on immigration between White House hopeful Hillary Clinton and Republican rival Donald Trump.

Source: Undocumented immigrants given roles at Democratic convention | Reuters

This traitor is spitting upon all citizens by promoting ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS who cause immense harm to We, the People. Prosecute that traitor filth’

Who is harmed by the invaders? Not the elites and their scum politician lackeys. Try these sites and view what traitors such as Clinton and others want YOU and your loved ones to contend with.