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What a deal, not easily surpassed even if the well-guarded gates and entry barriers to the USA gold repository at Fort Knox, KY were thrown open and the guards wandered off to do whatever guards do when wandering.

Perhaps plundering nearby donut shops?

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Merkel Says EU Must Take in Refugees Directly From Turkey

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Europe will have to take in groups of Middle East asylum seekers directly from Turkey as part of an agreement to resolve the region’s refugee crisis by controlling the influx of migrants.

Source: Merkel Says EU Must Take in Refugees Directly From Turkey – Bloomberg Business

Merkel deserves execution as a traitor to Western societies, cultures and countries.

The Second American Revolution – A Definitive Guide

This guide to the Second American Revolution is the culmination of months of research, and personal debate weighing the pros and cons for writing a piece of literature that not only condones a Second Revolution, but lays out one of the most straightforward methods for achieving such a goal.

Source: The Second American Revolution – A Definitive Guide – usCrow The Elite Prepper Website for Survival

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