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Please… know this before continuing. There are many topics covered within this blog. Some of what I write will surely be despised by some folks. Fine. What I want all who enter this blog to know is that because something is mentioned within does not mean that whatever is mentioned endorses my OPINION(S)!!!!!!!

I have posts about various people and entities and their being mentioned does NOT mean their mere mention in this blog is to be construed as their endorsing my opinion(s).

Also: sites linked to anyplace on or in this blog likely have no idea the link exists and thus that link does NOT indicate that the linked-to site or person(s) running the site agree with or endorse anything within MY blog!!!

I want to make what should be an obviously logical thought OBVIOUS!!!!

The more research I conduct the more I realize that the average reading comprehension level of the typical USA citizen is deplorable. I refuse to write at a 6th- to 8th-grade level even though that appears to be the level to write at to allow the maximum number of readers to understand my words that convey ideas, thoughts, beliefs, opinions… all the things that words try to convey.

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I am adding to this sticky page a list of other Web sites that have banned me from commenting in their Web sites’ commenting areas.

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Man Shot Dead by LAPD on Skid Row Was From Cameroon, Not France: ICE


Yet another illegal alien criminal released to prey upon American citizens.

Originally posted on KTLA:

Charley Robinet is seen in a 2000 booking photo provided by the Ventura County Sheriff's Office. Charley Robinet is seen in a 2000 booking photo provided by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office.

A man who was shot dead during a Skid Row altercation with LAPD officers was from Cameroon, not France as he had claimed, a U.S. federal immigration official said Wednesday.

The 39-year-old man, whose true identity is not known, went by Charley Saturmin Robinet — the name that Los Angeles police sources gave when describing him as a French national Tuesday.

However, later Tuesday, a spokeswoman for the French consulate in Los Angeles said the individual had stolen the identity of a French citizen by that name in order to get into the United States.

On Wednesday, a spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said the man was actually from Cameroon, the francophone nation in Central Africa.

A screenshot from a bystander's video shows Los Angeles police officers struggling with a man moments before he was fatally shot on Skid Row on March 1, 2015. (Credit: Anthony Blackburn via Facebook) A screenshot from a bystander’s video shows Los Angeles police officers struggling with a man moments before he…

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Indoctrinating Your Kids


State lawmaker proposes ban on corporal punishment in schools

My relentless attempts to counter the barrage of propaganda by and for the elites and to hopefully enlighten common folks of the class war being waged against them requires leaving comments and other messages across the Web. A huge Thank You to the other freedom fighters confronting tyranny by doing their part to counter those effective, massive indoctrination/brainwashing systems that allow the few to convince the many that all is as it should be in the USA. Brainwashing so effective that it convinces common folks to kill and destroy at the command of the elite and corporate politician lackeys.

Here is the latest comment:

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Just Another Rant

A comment left at a newspaper on-line site responding to the latest lie from the scum infesting the federal government about how great the economy is doing. Typical deceiving tactics from the scum filth lording over us and their lackeys assisting in the deception.

The new norm in class warfare-ridden America… temporary often part-time jobs at low pay and typically no benefits. YAY!!! But, work but one hour per week and the statisticians inform their bureaucrat and politician higher-ups that that one hour takes YOU off the unemployment rolls. YAY!!!

We, the people are being lied to and misinformed. The masses of common folks are being economically savaged. Sadly, the USA has the most effective propaganda systems ever devised so that we can be manipulated without the need for the military to be posted nation-wide to control the citizenry.

Cast off the indoctrination, folks. I am convinced that if the Founders were to appear among us that:

1. They would be amazed and astounded in many ways; some positive
2. The Founders would then be shocked to ascertain the control that moneyed interests and monolithic corporations ho;d over all levels of the political process.

I hope for the best my fellow citizens but the future appears bleak for the masses of common folks within the USA. prepare for a steadily decreasing living standard no matter how hard and/or smart you work.


Note the propaganda and blatant lies in the news story available at the link below:

Local staffing agencies believe they can place 100s of laid-off workers

The “errors of omission” are obvious to those aware of local employment realities. The USA media, mass and local, are part of the propaganda systems allowing the masses of common folks to be used and abused by their wealthy overlords with their vast army of lackeys.

We, the People are losing the ongoing class war.

I wonder how long my comment will remain before it is removed by a local corporate lackey?

USA steadily slides into an abyss

Originally posted on Student Revolutionary Strike Force:

The tyrants owning and operating the USA are destroying the USA for the masses while those tyrants live high on the hog at our expense.

The propaganda machines work endlessly and relentlessly to keep too many commoners convinced things are as they should be.

An army of lackeys do the dirty work that keeps the elites and their systems operating effectively.

We, the People are screwed.

A comment left at a message board is part of my effort to counter the tsunami of propaganda spewed by those tyrannical, greedy disgusting elites. I witness many others doing their part to fight back against tyranny in the “war for minds” in this ongoing class war that has grown in intensity.

Please remember that the topics mentioned in my posts are incredibly complex and not conducive to being mentioned in-depth in a brief blog post. I am forced to write in generalities. There…

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Disgruntled. A Typical Day.

The politician filth lording over the common folks in Missouri are placing wealth before what is good for the masses of common folks. Typical. In general, the entire USA is based upon profit is our prophet.

Such complicated stuff. The complexity of the multitude of things that when combined create that entity USA assists in allowing a minority to lord over the majority of common folks. I believe that in many ways the USA is just an immense scam that has indoctrinated many of the masses into believing that as things are is how they should be. And the masses fall for that brainwashing and proudly support those forcing them into serf-like conditions.

We, the People are luck in that the general culture of the USA is such that the overlords and their systems and the lackeys manning those systems tend to be mostly benevolent. However, piss the jack-booted thugs off too much or strike fear in their overlord masters and your freedom or even your life may be taken. Yes. Murder. Threaten the wealth or power of the ruling masters and the shit may hit the fan. And the elite overlords are the fan and the jack-booted thugs are the fan blades. Splat. Ugghhhh. And the scam rolls on and the class war is being lost, badly, by the common folks but at least We, the People do not have a punk warlord filthy scum like that Kim Il-Suck or il-Crap or whatever that scum’s name is ruling North Korea. I wonder if the USA will ever have to endure a warlord ruling us? The USA propaganda systems are so effective that the masses could possibly be indoctrinated to accept a warlord.


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Head Figurehead Lackey a Traitor?

The Web is abuzz about the Obama fellow aiding and abetting the ongoing invasion of the USA. Anger is mounting among the masses of common folks. Below is the e-mail just sent to my senators and representative in Congress. Sadly, that Missouri McCaskill thing is apparently pro-invasion and supports corporate USA while spitting upon the masses of common folk citizens.

Here is an e-mail that will hopefully be accompanied by innumerable others to express the anger among We, the People against the vile scum spitting upon us as they continuously wage their profitable-to-them class war:

Will the lower classes of the USA… the folks that fill the ranks of the military… ever tire of being spit upon by our so-called “leaders,” too many who are beholden to the corporate and moneyed interests?

I am one military veteran who would follow a new set of Founders to oust the traitors allowing thee USA to be invaded. I believe the anger among us lower classes is growing. Consider my words for I write them to inform you that a day of reckoning MAY be coming with the USA becoming engaged in full scale revolution.

We, the People are inspired by the writings of the Founders who I believe would muster again of present today and call upon us military veterans to lead the forces to fight back against those who have perpetrated class war against us for far too long.

I suffered at the hands of illegals for decades before I fled my home state, seeking solace from so many barbaric acts committed against American citizens. Obama and McCaskill and others of that ilk will never have to economically compete with or live among the invaders as us commoners have been forced to. That is a shame.

Oh well… I eagerly await for far better minds than mine to muster and become a new set of Founder to initiate what I believe is a much-needed Revolutionary War Two. The actions and inactions of those in political power today may be deciding our fate. What is it going to be? Keep spitting upon We, the People and force us to tolerate invasion or will the flames of revolution engulf this once-sovereign country?

An American for sovereignty


My message will likely have no effect upon events and the tyranny infesting the USA likely ensures that millions of similar messages will also be meaningless.

That leaves revolution as the only option. If so, I call upon people of the caliber of the original Founders to muster themselves and prepare for what MAY be a much-needed Revolutionary War Two.

Hoping for the best I wish a happy Thanksgiving to all and that tyranny can be repelled and wear your seat belt!!!!