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Jury Nullification | Fully Informed Jury Association

Jury Nullification | Fully Informed Jury Association

FIJA works to: • Inform potential jurors of their traditional, legal authority to refuse to enforce unjust laws • Inform potential jurors that they cannot be required to check their consciences at the courthouse door • Inform potential jurors that they cannot be punished for their verdicts • Inform everyone that juror veto—jury nullification—is a peaceful way to protect human rights against corrupt politicians and government tyranny

That is FIJA’s message.

Use Juror nullification to fight tyranny!!!

WATCH: What Happens When Diversity-Obsessed Students Meet Black Conservative

WATCH: What Happens When Diversity-Obsessed Students Meet Black Conservative

Excellent article about free-speech and leftist punks on college campuses and other aspects of the whiny cry-baby punks infesting the younger generation. Video at the link. If I was a teacher I would print the article and have my students read it then have a discussion about the topics within the article. Outstanding writing style with this article. A professional writer at work.

Such is Life

Errol Flynn was born in Tasmania and became a naturalized citizen in 1942. For the younger folks who are likely unfamiliar with the name, Flynn was a well-known Hollywood movie star thus considered important by various people and groups. The media and entertainment industries and their loyal lackey politician buddies especially like those folks that make them so much wealth. And a portion of the public especially susceptible to propaganda and indoctrination and/or especially needy for outside entertainment in their lives latch on to those stars and take notice of them… even after death.

Errol Flynn   Forest Lawn Memorial Park Glendale, California

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Contract (by Dave Torbert) – New Riders of the Purple Sage

Classic 70s song ignored by monolithic corporate-owned radio. This catchy tune makes regular appearances on my personal greatest hits cassette tapes  CDs  thumb drives/USB sticks. I have slowly evolved over the years with audio playback methods. I do miss my quadraphonic reel-to-reel, 8-track and CD-4 quad and matrix-encoded LPs.

Dave Torbert (June 7, 1948 – December 7, 1982) was a Bay Area musician, best known for his associations with the Grateful Dead and the New Riders of the Purple Sage.

Died far too young. Dave, your music is still enjoyed and appreciated and it brings pleasure to many. Thank you.

David Edwin “Dave” Torbert Find-a-Grave memorial

Deserving mention is the awesome piano playing of another fellow who died too soon. From Britain he traveled the world adding his abilities to bands such as The Who and Rolling Stones to the New Riders. Presenting to you:

Nicky Hopkins

Barenaked Ladies – When I Fall


My favorite live album of the many I have heard. Full of great to outstanding songs. Here is one of them. Atypical with the subject matter being the thoughts of a chap washing windows of a high-rise building.

Good job, Barenaked Ladies. If I had a million dollars I would check into hiring you guys to perform at our Legion post.

USA K-12 Educational Systems

Here is one fellow’s general opinion of a vast bureaucracy squandering BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars. I shout out… ABOLISH the damn thing and start anew. Here’s the other dude’s words:

I’m still learning at 53 hoss, I just quit school at 16 because I was bored shitless. I walked out with a 4.0 took the GED a month later and scored a 99 on it. They made me take it again just to prove I did not cheat. I got a 100 the second time.
School was so damn boring to me, I would sit in class and read a book of my choice instead of the subject. It really pissed off some of the teachers too. Half those fuckers were damn idiots. school is little more than state run daycare so wage slaves can be free to git their asses to their cubicle for 8 hours.
1. They do not teach critical thought, or ideas, they teach retention and parroting information for a test.
2. They do not teach “life skills” just lies and indoctrination to liberal lock-step.
3. Once you get reading, writing, and math, the rest is mostly bullshit, redundant, and make work to fill a fucking time slot.
Oh they tried to sell me the “American Dream” I just refused to “go to sleep”…

K-12 taxpayer-paid education is a scam. A huge scam. A monstrosity. Evil in some ways. It exists thanks to a lazy complacent populace.