Human Hero Worship



The evening nation-wide broadcast TV news coverage devoted an entire segment of that night’s show to one topic, a dead queen. After a few minutes I muted the audio and left the visual to determine how much coverage of that event would occur. With disgust I saw (could not stomach the tripe spewed via the words) that the USA elite-owned media is intent upon serving its elite-class owners by pounding into our heads with relentless propaganda and indoctrination that we adore our masters and overlords whoever they may be.

Other folks tire of this hero worship crap as can be read at the link below:

That’s Enough Monarchy for Now, Thank You

At the message board site where I found the above link I made a comment about royalty and hero worship in general. I repeat that comment below.



USA has its particular type of royalty. Hero-worship is part of the human condition. Part of being a pack animal. The wolf pack has its top-dog and humans have theirs. A major difference is that humans have hordes of top dogs and the New World Order elites and cohorts constantly shove those “chosen ones” upon us.

Celebrities and sports stars work for many folks. Watch a political rally and see and hear the idiots screaming their delight with their favored candidate. The damn emotion-laden dames screech and squawk the loudest for their chosen candidate. Emotions before logic and rationality. That is why the USA began its precipitous decline in 1920 with the passage of that evil 19th-amendment. Not too late to repeal it!!!!

The elite-owned mainstream media does all it can to reinforce the top-dog nature of humanity. The elite lackeys operating the propaganda/indoctrination systems select who they want us to worship as heroes. You will never see that damnable media offering a patriot commoner that advocates for the destruction of the New World Order as a hero. Nope. What we get is a wide variety of “heroes” from felonious rapper scum to Negresses twerking their huge rotund buttocks to criminal politicians supporting the New World Order. A huge variety of “heroes” is offered to suit the particular palettes of the many types of citizen-sheep swarming through our increasingly diverse and multicultural USA.

Yep, diversity and multiculturalism. Purposefully done to assist the encroachment of the elite’s New World Order.

Diversity/multiculturalism = divide/conquer.

The USA is doomed UNLESS our military en masse rises up and apprehends all those evil elite filth and their huge army of well-paid lackeys. The many easily-hoodwinked citizen-sheep will be handled via education and, if required, monetary fines for excessive politically correct behaviors. Failure to do this ensures that over time the masses of common folks enter a New Dark Age while the elites and their cohorts, minions and lackeys start their Golden Age that make the English royalty appear as buffoonish clowns dabbling at being overlords untouchable by anything the common scum can bring to bear against their masters.

Revel in your slavery you commoner scum!!!


Slide show below. This is the first one I have made using the new-to-me WordPress “block” method of blog creation. This show differs from the old one. This slide show requires manual manipulation of the controls to change the graphic shown. Have fun!!!




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