Destroying the USA one illegal alien invader at a time



Jared Taylor explains how border states are forcing “sanctuary cities” to show how brazenly hypocritical they are. If the feds won’t stop the invasion across the southern border, the people will have to.


Another excellent video via American Renaissance with patriot Jared Taylor voicing the concerns held by a huge percentage of the USA populace. Banned by elite-owned YouTube that will not allow patriot voices to be heard BitChute allows a patriot to spread the warning across the USA and the entire world. The evil, vile New World Order (NWO) is assaulting all Western countries using the same and similar tactics to pave the way for an ultra-wealthy elite-class to take total control of all command/control systems of all Western countries. Including governance.

When the NWO takes control a Golden Age starts for those elites and their minions, cohorts and lackeys. For the masses of common folks a New Dark Age begins.



Follow the link below for the video:


Fighting the Feds on Immigration

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