Evil Forces Using the Web to Spread Propaganda & Indoctrination



At various commenting sites where current events of all types are covered for many months I have noticed a repetitive posting of content regarding one topic . . . COVID!!!  Kung Flu!!!! The virus that admittedly has harmed and killed folks but so have a multitude of viruses throughout human history.

For an eye-opener look into the 1918 Spanish Flu that was particularly deadly to those in the prime of life.


1918 Pandemic (H1N1 virus)


Another site offers this estimated data:

. . . estimates that it took the lives of 550,000 Americans, a figure that he deems conservative. The estimated population of the United States on 1 July 1918 was some 103 million (Linder and Grove 1943), so approximately 0.5 percent of the US population died as a result of the epidemic.

The 1918 Influenza Epidemic’s Effects on Sex Differentials in Mortality in the United States


That’s the past. Now is the time to offer the herd hereabouts the post placed elsewhere regarding the flu. Pasted content lays below. Accuracy of my concern can not be easily verified. Subjective opinion and conjecture.


That Covid hoax stuff FILLS many commenting and discussion Web sites to such an extent that I wonder if it is being used by New World Order and other forces hostile to the USA and Western civilization as a distraction to take our minds off other far more serious problems confronting We, the People.

Enough of that Covid crap!!!! Look around you, patriots . . . there are a few folks still wearing face diapers in public but REMEMBER . . . that is common with cancer patients and other folks with compromised immune systems. Not all those folks are brainwashed buffoons fearful of one of a multitude of viruses swarming through the populace.

In my area the vast majority of life has reverted to a pre-Covid condition and I hear of extremely little concern of an upsurge. Folks just want to get on with life. I SHOUT again . . . are detractors trying to divert patriot attention away from far more serious matters and concerns and keeping our thoughts upon that Covid crap?

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