Ignored by Mainstream Media owned by Elites Seeking to Enslave all Western Countries

Black cop murders White veteran



“Justice for Trayvon Martin? How about Justice for James Whitehead? James Whitehead was a white veteran who had recently come back from war. Orange, TX Police Officer Robert Arnold (who has a history of violence) shot and killed unarmed James Whitehead. Arnold is black. Arnold was not in his uniform and did not have a badge. Whitehead got into a verbal altercation about a bad part for his vehicle. James Whitehead did not ever get violent or attack Arnold or anyone else. Whitehead was wrong to get into a verbal altercation but at most he would have gotten a ticket and a fine. Whitehead decided to stop arguing and just leave and that is when Arnold shot the unarmed man dead right on the spot. Arnold was fired for the incident and for his other violent past incidents. Even Arnold’s fellow police officers wanted Arnold to be charged with murder. Arnold was never charged and got away with murder. Arnold has enlisted race baiter Lawyer Cade Bernsen (the white Al Sharpton) to sue the city claiming he was fired because he was black and not because he shot an unarmed white man.

Why is there no outrage or protests from Al Sharpton for the countless times a black person kills an unarmed White, Hispanic or Black person?

There was outrage when an unarmed black Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by half-white/half-Hispanic George Zimmerman. People claimed Trayvon was shot because of race, even though Trayvon attacked and was beating Zimmerman. Even half-white/half-black President Obama got involved and said if Trayvon was white then he never would have been killed? Really? So unarmed white people have never been killed? Really? Does the President live under a rock? It happens all the time. James Whitehead is just one example.”


Read the story at the link below. And remember that the mainstream media of the USA is owned by a super-wealthy elite class seeking to force their lusted-for New World Order upon all of the USA and all other Western countries. All patriots must understand the immense indoctrination power of the media. Toss in the entertainment and advertising industries the elites also own along with the huge army of well-paid lackeys within government, corporate USA and within the general public and the New World Order has become an unstoppable force.


Justice for James: Black Cop Shoots Unarmed White Veteran in Orange, TX over Racial Slur


Is it obvious that the mainstream media has double, triple and even quadruple standards? Can the unholy alliances between government at all levels and corporate USA be allowed to continue if we want the Founder’s creation to continue?



Black cops allowed to kill with impunity? How about a public that musters in support of criminal thugs such as Saint George Floyd and sending those cops to prison while ignoring the atrocities committed against Whites?

Patriots, is the current USA worth defending or is it time for Revolutionary War Two before it is too late and the New World Order takes total control?


Hi, I got a huge payout for “wrongful termination” and all I had to do was kill a White guy that pissed me off.


Robert Arnold off-duty policeman murders White man

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