End of USA Essay

Congress USA corporate headquarters elites business


“The End of Empire

The empire will limp along, steadily losing influence until the dollar is dropped as the world’s reserve currency, plunging the United States into a crippling depression and instantly forcing a massive contraction of its military machine|”


Herd, Patriots, parts of this essay ring true to me though guesstimating what the future holds is always fraught with peril in regards to eventual accuracy.

Some aspects of the essay make excellent sense to me and I will be surprised if their guesses do not come true. Some guesses I do not agree with along with some of the past and current descriptions of the USA and its involvements with the world and internal affairs.  It is not often that I agree with everything in any essay and this one is typical. But . . . I believe that there is enough general accuracy within the essay for it to serve as a warning to We, the People.

The time frames mentioned in the essay of when the USA empire collapses are a bit too soon in my estimation but who knows? Anything is possible at any time. I urge all patriots to read the brief essay for the opinions it conveys that I fear may be fearfully factual. I expect you to look askance at the obvious anti-USA tripe based upon emotions and a warped view of history BUT . . . folks, interpreting the written word is often problematic due to the immensely varied backgrounds within each of us. And words can and are interpreted in differing ways between people.

The conclusion of the essay caught my attention and gives the writing extra credence in my mind:

“The empire will collapse and the nation will consume itself within our lifetimes if we do not wrest power from those who rule the corporate state.”

The unholy alliance between corporations and big government was warned about by the Founders along with many others. As the corporate entities become evermore wealthy and powerful the threat they pose to the masses of common folks grows greater.  The threat has acquired the oft-used and oft-misunderstood label “New World Order.”

Enough of my tossing words into the fray . . . follow the link for the essay:


The End of Empire


liberals want control over the masses of common folks


the ones really in control are never elected New World Order


TV brainwashed indoctrinated


Obama estate on Martha’s Vineyard. This is how corporate USA and our elite class buys politicians. All done legally. Those involved know how the scam works. You will not hear, see or read about this ongoing scam in the elite-owned media. Public education will not teach it. Can you guess how this scam works if you do not already know?

President Obama estate Marthas Vineyard

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