Jimmy Hoffa Found?



My guess at what happened to Jim Hoffa. He disappeared when I was overseas wandering Asian waters and showing the flag to hold back the Commie hordes. California was not invaded by the Reds so I guess we did our job properly. Too bad our traitor politicians allowed barbarian hordes to engulf the USA across the southern border. Some researchers estimated that there are 20-MILLION or more illegal alien invaders inside the USA. I wonder how many of them are 5th-columinists waiting for the word to rise up and attack to assist the efforts of their fellow jihadists, New World Order commandos or other threats to the USA and Western civilization as a whole?

Back to Jim. Here is what I think is the most likely scenario:


Lots of mob involvement with auto wrecking yards. Used auto parts sold and after the cars/trucks are stripped of profitable parts the remainder is ground up at the collection points accepting cars from a multitude of local yards. The shredders are effective and the bodies in the trunks disappear as they are shredded into tiny pieces along with the rest of the vehicle.

Various steps in the procedure separate the metal types along with diverting non-metal portions to separate holding areas. The ferrous metals fill the bulk-carrier ship bound for China or other Oriental locations. Aluminum is typically reused within the USA.

The shredded body is in so many tiny pieces that it goes unnoticed among the massive amounts of materials. Jimmy has been shredded and scattered and bacteria have reduced the easily-edible portions into minute bacteria pee and turds. Bones take longer to decompose but those are so small as to escape any possible notice.

No need to risk exposure by transporting Jimmy’s body all the way to New Jersey. The Detroit area is perfect for ridding the evidence of the felonious deed. It is rather interesting how the media over the decades has mostly ignored the many mob tie-ins with the wrecking yard industry. Perhaps the pay-off/bribe system still functions with aplomb.


TV mainstream media brainwash government control corporate lie omission

singers actors personal opinion shut up lackeys elites

weapons mass deception NBC ABC CBS CNN

push for globalism division by design NWO

President Obama estate Marthas Vineyard

The elites of the West reward their politician lackeys in many ways. Wealth is transferred from the small percentage of the populace controlling more wealth than what many countries hold in total. One report declared that the 500 wealthiest family units had as much wealth combined as did the entire poorest half of the world’s population; over 3-1/2-BILLION people. That wealth buys the most loyal politicians and bureaucrats imaginable. Those bought traitors to We, the People are done so in legal ways. Those with the wealth and power ensure their scam will continue until extreme measures are taken. The picture above is supposed to be the Obama estate on Martha’s Vineyard, an exclusive place where common folks are rare. I would guess that the heating bill for that mansion is more than what most of us make in a month of hard work. The lackeys of the tyrannical ruling elite are very well-rewarded and the scam continues. I CAN say this: At least we do not live in North Korea!!! That is no excuse, however, for patriots to allow the scam to continue forever.


Democrats illegal aliens free pass hate Trump

tyrannical elites wealthy dictatorship of the billionaires censorship nationalism

globalism nationalism invasion immigration terrorism war elites corrupt



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