Remembering the Crew of the USS LIBERTY (AGTR-5)

Remember when Israel Murdered US Navy Sailors


Remembering the Crew of the USS LIBERTY (AGTR-5)


USS Liberty attacked by Israe;_result


49 years ago today (from date of article publication), USS LIBERTY (AGTR-5) was attacked in international water by Israeli forces on June 8, 1967, killing 34 Americans and wounding another 171.  Seven out of every 10 crew members was either killed or injured.

The names of the 34 men who gave their lives:

CT3 William B. Allenbaugh, USN
LCDR Philip M. Armstrong, Jr. USN
SN Gary R. Blanchard, USN
Allen M. Blue, NSA Civilian (CT2 Reserve)
SN Francis Brown, USN
CT2 Ronnie J. Campbell, USN
CT3 Jerry L. Converse, USN
CT2 Robert B. Eisenberg, USN
CT3 Jerry L. Goss, USN
CTI Curtis A. Graves, USN
CTSN Lawrence P. Hayden, USN
CTI Warren E. Hersey, USN
CTSN Alan Higgins, USN
SN Carl L. Hoar, USN
CT2 Richard W. Keene, Jr., USN
CTSN James L. Lenau, USN
CTC Raymond E. Linn, USN
CTI James M. Lupton, USN
CT3 Duane R. Marggraf, USN
CTSN David W. Marlborough, USN
CT2 Anthony P. Mendle, USN
CTSN Carl C. Nygren, USN
LT James C. Pierce, USN
ICFN David Skolak, USN
CTI John C. Smith, Jr., USN
CTC Melvin D. Smith, USN
PC2 John C. Spicher, USN
GMG3 Alexander N. Thompson, Jr., USN
CT3 Thomas R. Thornton, USN
CT3 Philippe C. Tiedtke, USN
LT Stephen S. Toth, USN
CTI Frederick J. Walton, USN
Sgt Jack L. Raper, USMC
Cpl Edward E. Rehmeyer, USMC


Follow the link above for the entire article. Learn how one of the USA’s “friends” treat us despite the many BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars handed to them over the decades.

The death list above does not include the injured, maimed and those traumatized for life in various ways. The elite-owned tyrannical media never mentions this horror but the public is constantly reminded of a Negro protester jailed for marching down a street many decades ago. The murders of USA citizens is unimportant when compared to the elite’s requirement that Israel be forced upon We, the People as a dear beloved eternity-long friend.

What I write about is extremely complicated and sullied by the relentless indoctrination by a multitude of sources that anything less than absolute love for Israel and Jews is ANTI-SEMITISM and you are EVIL beyond repair!!! It took several decades of study and research to cast off enough of that indoctrination for me to view Israel and USA relations with that country with open eyes and mind.

I do not hate Israel. I greatly prefer it and its people to the Moslem hordes with their all-consuming Islam crap. If I had my way Islam would not be allowed inside the USA:


Islam is far more than a mere “religion.” It is a way of government, of society, of conforming to the orders of imams and others whose lust for power compels them to lord over all people. Islam basically means “submission.” Islam is ALIEN TO WESTERN WAYS and must not be allowed to infest the USA.

If Revolutionary War Two is required to prevent Muslims from corrupting Western societies and cultures and to rid the USA of traitors then let the much-needed revolt begin.


Despite my far greater preference for Israel over any Islam-dominant country the USA taxpayers must not be forced to give away wealth that far too many citizens are severely lacking!!! Israel has immense power within the USA via governmental interference and the many economic factors that Israel/Jews posses inside the USA. Again, extreme complexity prevents delving into this topic further. Very few folks have the desire to learn for themselves of life realities outside their immediate social circle so the masses of USA dwellers continue to be pawns in a game that a tyrannical elite class and their lackeys in government, corporations and the private sector receiving wealth rewards for obeying their elite masters own and control.

In the meantime, this post is but a reminder about a horror from long ago that the elite’s and their lackeys strive to forget.

The curious can go to YouTube and search for “USS Liberty” and take their pick of many good to excellent videos about the evils committed against the common folks of the USA.


Israel millions dollars daily free college health care but USA does not have scam

depiction of Israel’s deadly warplane and torpedo attack on the USS Liberty

attack on the USS Liberty no more aid for Israel traitor enemy evil

Station HYPO


49 years ago today, USS LIBERTY (AGTR-5) was attacked in international water by Israeli forces on June 8, 1967, killing 34 Americans and wounding another 171.  Seven out of every 10 crew members was either killed or injured.

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      If this is who I think it is I have cut all ties to the past. Even blood kinfolk are fading memories who I have no contact with in any way. I am truly a Lone Wolf and quite happy with this status. I receive extremely few personal e-mails and if not VA or business related ignore them. Nothing personal. It is how and what I am. Nobody, not even current immediate acquaintances and there are very few of them, enter my abode. At best we interact at the Legion Post but even there I mostly tend to the 22-acres doing chores for my exercise and keep the place looking good.

      If you are who I think you may be all the best to you and yours. Do not be offended by ignored e-mails and this will be a final communication. It is simply how things must be.


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