Pet parent or pet owner: Caring for cats and dogs is not like raising children.

Pet parent or pet owner: Caring for cats and dogs is not like raising children

“A survey found that 76 percent of dog owners preferred to be called “dog parents” or “pet parents.” (That survey was commissioned by the dog-sitter search site, so I hope and trust that the numbers are inflated.) Much as I hate to put down my fellow animal lovers, these people have been indoctrinated.”

“Pet parent.” The dog and cat freaks will screech in self-defense but from my viewpoint those hard-core pet freaks are at various stages of mental illness. Sure, not every one of them but a large enough percentage I shall lump them all together. Animals are filling a void those soiled minds can not fill via humans. Keep your damn mutts away from me. At least cats don’t YAP YAP YAP endlessly.

Solving USA Problems One Upchuck at a time

The mob commenting at that AOL site is a varied bunch. Anti-Trump comments appear in every thread. The topic could be about the most preferred flooring-type in house entryways but several to many comments will disparage Trump and/or Republicans or conservatives in general and rebuttals by those slandered will follow. Less often, likely because they are generally a higher class of folks, the leftist loonies, Hillary-loving idiots and Democrats in general are lambasted by the conservative crowd. Great fun for all.

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Waiter admits writing ‘we don’t tip terrorist’ on receipt after diner is falsely accused, banned – Western Civilization in Peril

A Texas waiter who claimed a patron left a racist note calling him a ‘terrorist’ instead of a tip has admitted he made the whole story up. Waiter admits writing ‘we don’t ti…

Source: Waiter admits writing ‘we don’t tip terrorist’ on receipt after diner is falsely accused, banned – Western Civilization in Peril

Old Coot Opinion: Death Penalty

Wrote this awhile back at a message board discussing a scum bag found guilty of kidnapping and murdering a young girl. There was no doubt regarding the guy being guilty. Placing my comment left there here:

Sitting on his butt lazing around for at least 20 or more years before the system even considers sending him to the same fate all of us face eventually. Where’s the punishment? Make the scum suffer!!! HARD LABOR. 10-12 hours daily. No entertainment. Boring basic food lacking appeal but adequate to sustain life. Nothing to look forward to except another day of drudgery. Endlessly until natural death takes the filth away. Have a dedicated TV channel that shows the many HARD LABOR scum living their lives of drudgery. Make their punishment visible to all to act as a warning to others.

Consider this… if death is such a horrid punishment and that it must be avoided at all costs then… well… good luck finding volunteers for the military.

Death as a punishment is overrated. Society sends troops to their death. Dead is dead. Expecting it to act as a deterrent is stupid. If it IS a deterrent then why is murder so common?

Peace Love & Understanding

Looking at a long-gone tune tonight, folks. It is still around thanks to the ability to preserve stuff for posterity. I rarely hear the song played on any radio station. Such is the bane of monolithic corporate ownership of USA radio stations. That’s a different subject I shall place at one of my other blogs that are far more negative than this one.

Thanks to modern technology and YouTube here is the song I am referring to:

The song was written by a gent long before Elvis offered his version. Below is a snippet from this Web site/page:

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Nicole Van Den Hurk (1980-1995) – Find A Grave Memorial

On 6 October 1995, fifteen-year-old Nicole van den Hurk disappeared on her way to work in Eindhoven, in the Dutch province of North Brabant. On 22 November, her body was found in the woods between the towns of Mierlo and Lierop. In 2011, van den Hurk’s stepbrother confessed to the killing, but was released a month…

Nicole Van Den Hurk (1980-1995) – Find A Grave Memorial

Please leave a “flower” at her “grave.” Thank you.