Remembering Mr. Myrl Billings

Honoring and remembering one of a multitude of USA citizens whose deeds and even their existence at one time is fading in the minds of the masses.

“A grave marker, flanked by both an American and French flag, rests in the Lincoln Memorial Cemetery in Springfield, Missouri. The name on the marker is Myrl Billings. Billings was a Springfield native African American who fought in World War I with the 369th Regiment of the New York National Guard. He was the only African American soldier from Springfield to receive the Croix de Guerre for gallantry in action during World War I.”

Read more at —–>  Myrl Billings & The Harlem Hellfighters


Thanks to Google Books and the writers of the book; Missouri’s Black Heritage, I found the ONE picture of Myrl Billings revealed by a lengthy Web search. What a handsome young man!!!! He is the guy in the middle. I wish we knew the names of the two guys standing next to him.


Myrl Billings


I am guessing he was 19 or 20 in the picture. I was in the Navy at that age. I bet that the commonalities of the strangeness of military life resulted in similarities in our experiences despite the differences in army and navy lifestyles along with the many years’ difference between our lifetimes. Though things change some things remain the same… such as humans interacting with their environment, feeling fear, wonder, excitement and happiness.

Here is a video telling us about Mr. Billings:




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Thinking About Times Long Ago

Elites and their lackey figurehead politicians across the world are so quick to send the common folks to battle and kill and be killed or horribly wounded or harmed in many other ways.

The scum at the top of the socio-economic hierarchy live luxurious lives at the expense of the many below them.

This fact of life is in all countries, cultures, institutions and other entities where a hierarchical structure exists.

Various religions operate this way along with corporations and other entities.

Of course, the well-indoctrinated brainwashed among us who are part of the commoner class but high enough up the socio-economic hierarchy to live better lives than those below them tend to mention the relatively few exceptions to the far more common generalities I consider when writing.


I wish things could be different but I suppose basic human instincts are the greatest enemy of We, the People… everywhere.

Humans are a social creature with top dogs and those at the bottom of the pack.

And then there is the instinct for a “sense of belonging” that is shown in a multitude of ways.

A recent example for me was watching a NFL football game on TV. USA-type football.

The TV camera panned onto the spectators frequently and the actions, mannerisms, apparel worn, etc. showed me what I perceive but one of MANY ways humans bond to something outside themselves.


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Coot Copying

I have seen the following at many locations across the Web.

Most are the same or similar.

There is a message within the declaration.

It is intended to be comical AND to convey a dissatisfaction with the present USA that is owned and operated by elites and corporate USA.


The IRS sent my Tax Return back! AGAIN!!!

I guess it was because of my response to the question: “List all dependents?”

I replied –

“12 million illegal immigrants;  ( may be as many as 20 million)

“3 million crack heads;

“42 million unemployable people on food stamps;

“2 million people in over 243 prisons;

“Half of Mexico; and,

“535 fools in the U.S. House and Senate.”

Apparently, this was NOT an acceptable answer.


We must never forget the politician lackey figurehead obeying his ruling class masters, corporate USA and special-interest groups. It currently is Obama but he is merely the latest in a long line of lackey, lap-dog loyal to his masters figurehead.

Then there’s the multitude of bureaucracies lording over us.

Not all are horrible. Some are a danger to We, the People.

I still cry out to the military to cast off at least some of the life-long indoctrination we all are immersed within.

Think deeply and consider the Founder’s thoughts communicated via their writings.

I am convinced after decades of research, reading and life experience that the only method of implementing required changes in the USA governments and institutions is by a full-scale military coup.

Lacking that We, the People will continue to be servants of our ruling-class masters.

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Do only that which is right

Do only that which is right… the credo of the Universal Life Church  (ULC).

The Universal Life Church has no traditional doctrine. We as an organization believe in that which is right. Each individual has the privilege and responsibility to determine what is right for themselves, as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others. We do not stand between you and your God. We are active advocates of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.

WE ARE ADVOCATES OF THE GOOD LIFE! We want to be competent, to be proficient, to be cooperative, to love our fellow man, to appreciate, to be humble, to be honest, to be moral, to live positively, to be what we profess.”

Universal Life Church, Headquarters

601 Third St. Modesto, CA 95351

Office: 209-527-8111

Fax: 209-527-8116

Office Hours: Monday – Friday 7:30am – 4:00 pm

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