ANTIFA PROFESSOR Advocates Violence, Tucker Carlson Exposes Liberal Professor

Is there something physically wrong with that college teacher? How about mentally wrong? Would you last long in its class? If I had the lad for a teacher and it communicated in its bizarre childish manner in class as it did here I would likely ridicule it just to get a rise out of the boy then depart class never to return. I did it at a Nebraska university where a politically correct buffoon commenced spewing idiocy as if the mere spewing made opinions factual statements that are required to be accepted as facts.



There must be a test crafted by experts to separate the brain-dead and other mental defectives from the rational. logical folks and only allow the mentally sound to enter the voting booth.

I expect a larger percentage of females than males to be banned from voting but that is a mere guess based upon observations.

Looters Ransack Sneaker Store in Florida During Irma

Quality citizens merely acquiring food, water and other essentials needed to stay alive during perilous times. The USA is lucky to have citizens of this caliber. A constitutional republic requires a quality citizenry to remain the guiding principle of a modern nation-state. The USA future is bright indeed with quality citizens such as these. Right? Right? Hello? Hello…

Disney’s pro-gay cartoon for preschoolers: 12 facts you need to know

Disney’s pro-gay cartoon for preschoolers: 12 facts you need to know

“Disney Junior released an episode of a cartoon aimed at preschoolers that depicted two “married” lesbian moms.

Doc McStuffins, a show about an aspiring doctor who “fixes” toys with help from friends, featured a family led by two “moms” in its August 5 episode “The Emergency Plan.”

Although Doc McStuffins has been praised by many cultural critics for its depiction of a young African-American female doctor, it’s now under fire for its most recent episode pushing same-sex “marriage.””

Indoctrinate while young to make life-long impressions. Disney is making wealth from the propaganda and that is all that matters to corporations.

What future awaits the USA? Look around you… not just your immediate area but the USA as a whole. Do you care about the fates awaiting your grand-kids then their kids? What will the USA be like long after you are gone?

Every empire falls. Nothing lasts forever. Is the USA closer to doom than most of its citizens can possibly imagine?