10 Reasons The U.S. Is No Longer The Land Of The Free


“We seem as a country to be in denial as to the implications of these laws and policies. Whether we are viewed as a free country with authoritarian inclinations or an authoritarian nation with free aspirations (or some other hybrid definition), we are clearly not what we once were.”

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Below is today’s column in the Sunday Washington Post. The column addresses how the continued rollbacks on civil liberties in the United States conflicts with the view of the country as the land of the free. If we are going to adopt Chinese legal principles, we should at least have the integrity to adopt one Chinese proverb: “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names.” We seem as a country to be in denial as to the implications of these laws and policies. Whether we are viewed as a free country with authoritarian inclinations or an authoritarian nation with free aspirations (or some other hybrid definition), we are clearly not what we once were. [Update: in addition to the column below, a later column in the Washington Post explores more closely the loss of free speech rights in the West].

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Let the USA fall to destruction?


The essay below was posted to an Oath Keepers bulletin board. As with all I write it is MY OPINION and mine only.

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Maybe with the majority of the USA populace as they are is it conceivable that the USA is no longer worth defending?

A very tough question but I have read too many comments across the Web written by folks I fear are well-indoctrinated into obeying their ruling class masters.

Even the invasion of multi-millions of foreigners means nothing to many folks!!! I grew up immersed within the invaders and observed first-hand the terrors they pose to USA citizens and a peaceful modern society in general.

I did not see much if any assimilation but I did see the constant increase in the number of invaders possessing the cultures that create the types of countries below our southern border.

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Yet Another Outrage



I try to understand the various sides of issues and I believe I am reasonably equipped to do so.

A recent Supreme Court decision can be viewed in many ways but this one recent ruling combined with many other aspects of life inside the USA makes me fear for the liberties of the masses of common folks.

The class war continues and the enormous powers arrayed against the HUGE mass of common folks have had their powers increased yet again.



Supreme Court Strikes Down Overall Political Donation Cap


The Supreme Court on Wednesday continued its abolition of limits on election spending, striking down a decades-old cap on the total amount any individual can contribute to candidates in a two-year election cycle. The ruling, issued near the start of a campaign season, will change and very likely increase the already large role money plays in American politics.


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Sign the Petition. Oust the traitor to We, the People.

A traitor has invaded the Supreme Court

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor has repeatedly proven via her public proclamations that loyalty to her ethnicity trumps whatever loyalty she has for her country.

The evidence is most obvious when she proclaims that illegal alien invaders are not criminals.

Ignoring the physical invasion of the USA by multi-millions of outsiders, the majority the same ethnicity as Sotomayor, is a traitorous action.

She must be removed from office.

The petition site is an official government site based within the Executive Branch of the corrupted unrepairable federal government.  Signing the petition is merely a symbolic act but… if you are disgusted with the ongoing invasion of the once sovereign USA and the ever-growing number of murdered, raped, maimed and generally physically harmed citizens then sigh the petition.

We, the People, can no longer stand aside as foreign invaders rape and murder us while the ruling elites and their lackeys use those illegals as a weapon in their ongoing class war against We, the People.




Sign the petition here

The petition has expired and those vermin either assisting or ignoring the ongoing invasion of the once-sovereign USA continue to spit upon the masses of common folks.







Message Board Comments

It is January 1, 2014… a new year has started.  While most folks celebrate this day I think that a minority of USA residents place more credence upon their fiscal new year.

This IS the USA whose many embedded structures and systems are devoted to the holy, beloved profit.  Profit;  blessed be its name.


Profit is their prophet

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Message Board Auto-Biography


The Disgruntled Old Coot hopes that all of you folks are doing well.  Even if you are a lackey of one of the agencies or bureaucracies that exist to preserve a status quo that has corrupted the Founder’s creation.

I implore you well-indoctrinated lackeys to open your minds. Please!!!

All of us have been subjected to an enormous amount of propaganda our entire life. All pervasive, descending upon us from everywhere!!!

Our schooling, radio, TV, printed material, other people… our basic assimilation into society fills us with the many messages a powerful, wealthy few have control over to make us accept a status quo that is incredibly profitable for a small minority of the USA’s populace.


I expect one or more of the elite’s creations that have multi-purposes… protecting society from evil-doers AND isolating the elites from the masses of common folks and controlling those masses to be accepting of the many corrupted systems allowing a few to lord over the many, to inspect this blog since my writings are proof that I have cast off enough of my indoctrination to recognize the USA for what it is…

a country/society/ etc that is in the throes of class warfare and that, in many ways, the USA is a HUGE SCAM being foisted upon a mass of common folks brainwashed into accepting that scam and convinced that the scam is how things should be in the USA.


Anyway… I just updated my profile at a message board whose reason for existing is to assist males in the ongoing War Against Males as seen in many Western countries and societies.

I view that War Against Males as a tiny part of the much larger class war that exists in most (maybe all?) of the world’s countries.

“Divide and conquer.”  A great way for an elite class to control a HUGE mass of people those elites are using for their own benefit.

If We, the People, 300-million-plus of us, combined our strengths we could oust those greedy vermin who have defiled what the Founders created and who have manipulated our economic system to virtually enslave the masses.

For your reading pleasure… or displeasure if your mind is full of the crap the ruling elite masters have doused you with your entire life… I offer you for no particular reason the bio for the Disgruntled Old Coot placed at a MGTOW  Men Going Their Own Way message board:


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