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Wandering the Web I seek information, facts, opinions, ideas, attitudes… the many varied aspects of humans interacting with everything clustered upon this planet.

Our minute speck of stuff embedded in a huge universe.

From a different viewpoint we are a huge speck made up of innumerable tiny pieces such as atoms and all the even tinier pieces that join together to create atoms.

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A Quote for the Times

Much of the U.S.’s 60’s protest history is anecdotal, this time history will be written in ones and zeros.”

2Wolves left the above upon a FARK message board here—> HERE

Sixth post down from the top. There is more to the comment.

What is shown here is what I, the Disgruntled Old One and Getting Older every second, believes to be the most quoatable of the comments on the linked-to message board.

Ponder the declaration. If your mind is even capable of pondering.

Your ruling masters do NOT want you pondering. Nor to engage in self-introspection.

Neither does corporate USA (peace be upon them).

We, the people have been well-indoctrinated to NOT think!

BAD!!! Bad citizen-sheep. Lust after material possessions, even that not needed for survival or basic comfort and ease.

Clamor for 24/7 entertainment of the type sending wealth to the proper deserving entities (the few atop the socio-economic hierarchy and corporate USA).



No pondering or introspection allowed…unless it involves an approved subject or topic that reinforces your indoctrination.

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