Memories fade but remain

How accurate are memories from decades ago. Details omitted since their accuracy is not verifiable. The heart of the story is well-remembered. Part of the details are fuzzy, though. That ship was present and cried for help. Of that I am sure.

The Libyan-flagged tramp freighter cried out for help as the USA warship hied northward to veer away from the path of the oncoming typhoon. The rusty freighter lay anchored to the leeward of the small island in the South China Sea that offered no protection from the oncoming tempest that would assuredly toss the tiny ship about until the water flooded in sinking the hapless vessel and survival for the men in the sea during a typhoon was very doubtful.

“American vessel, please assist. Engines broke down. American vessel, please assist. Engines broke down” the voice in heavily-accented English droned on as the warship’s screws thrashed the sea sending 4,200 tons of steel away from the forlorn ship.The captain reached up and turned down the volume of the radio tuned to the international shipping distress channel. Steadily the disabled ship astern grew smaller then disappeared from view leaving the vessel to an unknown fate. No replies had been heard to the plea before the voice disappeared from the radio. Even if another ship heard the plea could they arrive in time to assist in repairs or take the ship in tow or, most likely, evacuate the crew?

No one but the captain spoke during the event. While viewing the stricken ship with his binoculars he said to no one in particular “Libya. Fuck ’em.”

The worst of the typhoon was evaded but the memories of that day linger for decades.



Thinking About Times Long Ago

Elites and their lackey figurehead politicians across the world are so quick to send the common folks to battle and kill and be killed or horribly wounded or harmed in many other ways.

The scum at the top of the socio-economic hierarchy live luxurious lives at the expense of the many below them.

This fact of life is in all countries, cultures, institutions and other entities where a hierarchical structure exists.

Various religions operate this way along with corporations and other entities.

Of course, the well-indoctrinated brainwashed among us who are part of the commoner class but high enough up the socio-economic hierarchy to live better lives than those below them tend to mention the relatively few exceptions to the far more common generalities I consider when writing.


I wish things could be different but I suppose basic human instincts are the greatest enemy of We, the People… everywhere.

Humans are a social creature with top dogs and those at the bottom of the pack.

And then there is the instinct for a “sense of belonging” that is shown in a multitude of ways.

A recent example for me was watching a NFL football game on TV. USA-type football.

The TV camera panned onto the spectators frequently and the actions, mannerisms, apparel worn, etc. showed me what I perceive but one of MANY ways humans bond to something outside themselves.


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Navy Chow and Cavorting Cereal Critters

Generally, on average, Navy breakfasts were okay to great with variations among food offerings and food source.

The breakfasts where real eggs  were available were superior to the breakfasts where only powdered eggs were present.

Generally, at-sea lunch and supper tended to be sub-par compared to mess halls at shore bases.

At-sea breakfasts varied greatly; often depending upon the last time we hauled “new” food aboard either from a supply ship at sea or if we entered an overseas USA base with warehouses, etc.

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A Better Man Than Me. Rest in Peace

The March, 2011 issue of Deckplate (official newsletter of the USS Schofield for those unaware of its existence) informed me of the death of a man, an ex-sailor; a bluewater US Navy sailor who sailed the seas into “harm’s way” aboard warships.

He was many “things” in his life; husband, son, father, friend, co-worker and, adversary.

Sitting here within my shanty I am reading Steve Nelson’s obituary.

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