The USA serfs are indoctrinated to obey their masters

The unholy alliance between BIG business and BIG government are economically enslaving the masses of common folks.

Along with economic enslavement is mental, social and civil enslavement.

Law enforcement is becoming increasingly militarized to force the masses to obey their masters.

Relentless propaganda convinces the masses that as things are is correct and proper and that the children of the masses should eagerly obey their master’s politician figurehead lackeys to spill their blood on foreign lands to preserve their master’s economic and political interests.

However, a growing number of the common folks are realizing that the USA and the many aspects within that when combined comprise what is the whole of the USA is a HUGE scam.

We, the People have undergone class war from day one of the USA’s creation.

As time passed that class war has varied in intensity. Currently, the massive institutions created and operated by ruling elites, often via their well-paid lackeys, has become increasingly greedy and evil.

Voting will not alter the “establishment.” Voting is a facade, especially at the federal level.

What will it require to make meaningful changes in the immensely huge whole that is the USA and the equally immense systems within creating a nation of serfs who serve their masters?

I fear that meaningful change will require a mass uprising.

In the meantime, I and a growing number of decent folks, are combating the incredibly effective propaganda systems used as a tool by the established power structure to maintain their regime.

Below is one of those folks making a speech in Congress that will receive little media attention. A minimal amount of attention will be allowed by the media owned and operated by those within the power systems and their lackeys. The minimal coverage assists in maintaining the facade used to brainwash the masses that they have a semblance of influence upon the ruling masters.

And that facade is just that… a HUGE LIE!!!!



Thank you, Mr. Sanders, for stating what needs to be said. Your efforts are appreciated.








Sen. Jeff Sessions… American Patriot

Class war is going strong and the greedy anti-We, the People scum are winning.

Please read the following article. It explains a tiny part of the ongoing conflict of greed and the collusion between BIG business and BIG government to reduce many USA citizens into near-serfdom or even worse.

It is WAR, people… and we are losing!!!!  We must support folks such as Senator Jeff Sessions who is not a lackey of the ruling elites or the many organizations whose greed is so great they will knowingly send you and me and everybody we know into an economic quagmire we may never be able to pull ourselves out of, no matter how hard we try.

The forces arrayed against us are enormously wealthy and powerful.

We, the People, are truly in a state of WAR!!!!!!!!!

Please follow the link below for the entire article located at USA Today Web site.

I copied the article and placed it here due to what I believe is the extreme importance that as many citizens read it as possible. I also fear that the extremely critical to We, the People article may disappear for whatever reason.

Please share the article with as many people as possible. Thank YOU and a BIG “Thanks” to USA Today for placing the article upon its Web site.

Sessions: Immigration plan bad for U.S. workers

There is an unspoken question at the heart of the immigration debate: What is the loyalty a nation owes to its own citizens?



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Remembering Mr. Myrl Billings

Honoring and remembering one of a multitude of USA citizens whose deeds and even their existence at one time is fading in the minds of the masses.

“A grave marker, flanked by both an American and French flag, rests in the Lincoln Memorial Cemetery in Springfield, Missouri. The name on the marker is Myrl Billings. Billings was a Springfield native African American who fought in World War I with the 369th Regiment of the New York National Guard. He was the only African American soldier from Springfield to receive the Croix de Guerre for gallantry in action during World War I.”

Read more at —–>  Myrl Billings & The Harlem Hellfighters


Thanks to Google Books and the writers of the book; Missouri’s Black Heritage, I found the ONE picture of Myrl Billings revealed by a lengthy Web search. What a handsome young man!!!! He is the guy in the middle. I wish we knew the names of the two guys standing next to him.


Myrl Billings


I am guessing he was 19 or 20 in the picture. I was in the Navy at that age. I bet that the commonalities of the strangeness of military life resulted in similarities in our experiences despite the differences in army and navy lifestyles along with the many years’ difference between our lifetimes. Though things change some things remain the same… such as humans interacting with their environment, feeling fear, wonder, excitement and happiness.

Here is a video telling us about Mr. Billings:




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High-Level Government Agencies Hate the Common Folk

This post is MY opinion. My writings are NOT the opinions of the many linked-to articles and/or copied & pasted items I use.

What follows is a copy of a press release created by low-level law enforcement folks who are not vile, scum, putrid lackeys of the USA ruling elites, corporate USA, etc.


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Vile Disrespect for the USA Ruling Elites

Veterans and Allies Arrested in New York as Afghanistan War Enters Year 12


Twenty-five people, most of them U.S. military veterans, were arrested while laying flowers at a war memorial in New York City


Former VFP President Mike Ferner said, “I bet a lot of the arresting officers tonight were also military veterans; a number of them didn’t look too happy with the job they were told to do.”


I encourage you to visit the Veterans for Peace Web site.

If you are a member of the ruling-master class of the USA or one of their minions, cohorts or lackeys you will likely want to keep an eye on those non-behaving dissidents who dare to not bow down and obey obey OBEY their rightful masters.

I assume the various agencies and bureaucracies designed or by chance assist in maintaining the elite’s status quo so beneficial to the few worthy USA residents will constantly observe those likely threats to the beloved powerful elites and all they have created… or had well-paid loyal lackeys create for them (likely not all of the USA elite class consists of only citizens since the elites of the world assist each other in economically enslaving the mass of humanity).

Okay, I tossed in some sarcasm in the above written mumbling.

I hope those present at the memorial gathering took the opportunity to distribute some Oath Keeper literature to the law enforcement folks present.

I do not believe that Veterans for Peace and Oath Keepers work together but I support both organizations.


And the best of luck to the many, far more than what the elite-owned mass media and politician lackeys state, unemployed, under-employed, homeless, using a vehicle as a house, living with many others crammed into a small space and those with no access to medical and/or dental assistance and the HUGE number of folks fearful of the future and all that is an ever-present part of existing within an elite-class owned country that has brainwashed a multitude of people within the USA and elsewhere that as things are is correct and proper.


Move to Amend: Save the USA & Save YOUR Freedom

The National Campaign to End Corporate Personhood and Demand Real Democracy!

Launch the Stampede!

Our friend Ben Cohen, of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream fame, has a talent for spectacle, which we very much admire. So we’re thrilled that Ben is joining forces with the Move To Amend coalition in a joint venture: The Stampede To Amend.

Ben’s crew is building “The Amend-O-Matic,” a giant, traveling, money-stamping contraption, which is part art and part information center.  Move To Amend is coordinating the tour — two of our fabulous community organizers will be crisscrossing the country in the vehicle.

We hope to depart Los Angeles in September and we’ll be on the road until mid-December. If all goes well, we’ll continue the tour on into 2013 to reach a broader area. We’ll be offering workshops, stopping at farmer’s markets, community events, downtowns, and Occupy sites along the way.

The Amend-O-Matic stamps dollar bills with one of the following messages:

  • “Corporations Aren’t People. Money Isn’t Speech.”
  • “Not to Be Used for Bribing Politicians.”
  • “The System Isn’t Broken, It’s Fixed.”

When the imprinted bills are spent, they circulate throughout the money supply, educating the public about the movement to amend — a brilliant (and legal) idea!

f we can raise $20,000 by September 24 (the date the machine is set to depart from Los Angeles), Ben has generously agreed to match that amount to help fund the tour through December.

Will you support The Stampede with a generous contribution today?

The Stampede To Amend involves everybody, not just those people along the route. When you make a contribution of $20 or more, you get your very own stamp, to start the “stampede” in your own community! Follow this link to get started today.

There’s no better value when it comes to educating the public and promoting our work. Ad buys in multiple markets are very expensive, lack the capacity to reach millions of Americans day after day, month after month, and can’t generate the media that “The Amend-O-Matic” will attract. This is a fabulous idea that we can’t let go by, but we need to raise the funds to make it happen. Please help!

Start the Stampede to Amend today!

PO Box 610, Eureka CA 95502  |  (707) 269-0984

We, the People of the United States of America, reject the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling, and move to amend our Constitution to firmly establish that money is not speech, and that human beings, not corporations, are persons entitled to constitutional rights.