Colorado sheriffs fight to overturn new gun laws

via Colorado sheriffs fight to overturn new gun laws – YouTube.

Oath Keepers and other patriots and modern-day freedom fighters are continuing the struggles that the Founders and their backers faced when confronted by tyranny. A mighty “HOORAY!!!!” for those fine folks battling tyranny that hates it when those they view as serfs that must obey their masters are armed and can fight back against tyranny.

Priest River community stands up for veteran facing gun seizure

Priest River community stands up for veteran facing gun seizure – Spokane, North Idaho News & Weather


Video at site above.

As mentioned at the Oath Keepers’ Web site:

“The VA was going to arrive at the Veteran’s home at 1:00 pm on Thursday, August 7, 2015. They wanted to inspect him home to make sure he has no firearms. The community rose up, led by their Sheriff and some patriotic legislators, and they backed down the damned Veterans Administration,  which issued a statement at around 1:30 pm saying they were calling off the house inspection. Yay!

At the rally to defend this Viet Nam Veteran were three Oath Keepers chapters from Idaho and several 111%er groups.”


Sheriffs across the USA support Oath Keepers. There is an organization of sheriffs covering the USA that has voiced its approval of Oath Keepers.

Be aware of that when the elite-owned media that wants the existing class war to continue that makes the elites incredibly wealthy and powerful. The elite-owned media is spewing out continuous propaganda trying to convince the masses that Oath Keepers is evil and a threat to the USA.

HAH!!! It is the greedy elites lying to the masses of common folks who are the evil ones and if allowed to continue their tyrannical ways it will be the elites using their systems of command and control who will destroy the USA for us regular folks while creating a world that revolves around those elites while We, the People are forced into near-servitude with being their serfs, at best.

Defy tyranny!!!

Texas Governor Abbott Signs Comprehensive Border Security Legislation

Office of the Governor – Greg Abbott – [Signature Statement] Governor Abbott Signs Comprehensive Border Security Legislation.

““We cannot be naïve to the threat posed by drug cartels and transnational gangs. And Texas will not sit idly by while the federal government fails to do its job and secure the border,” said Governor Abbott. “I’m proud to sign legislation to implement measures that will help provide for the safety and security of communities across Texas.””

Hooray for Texas!!! Next… defeat the tyranny infesting the federal government!!!


The USA serfs are indoctrinated to obey their masters

The unholy alliance between BIG business and BIG government are economically enslaving the masses of common folks.

Along with economic enslavement is mental, social and civil enslavement.

Law enforcement is becoming increasingly militarized to force the masses to obey their masters.

Relentless propaganda convinces the masses that as things are is correct and proper and that the children of the masses should eagerly obey their master’s politician figurehead lackeys to spill their blood on foreign lands to preserve their master’s economic and political interests.

However, a growing number of the common folks are realizing that the USA and the many aspects within that when combined comprise what is the whole of the USA is a HUGE scam.

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Sen. Jeff Sessions… American Patriot

Class war is going strong and the greedy anti-We, the People scum are winning.

Please read the following article. It explains a tiny part of the ongoing conflict of greed and the collusion between BIG business and BIG government to reduce many USA citizens into near-serfdom or even worse.

It is WAR, people… and we are losing!!!!  We must support folks such as Senator Jeff Sessions who is not a lackey of the ruling elites or the many organizations whose greed is so great they will knowingly send you and me and everybody we know into an economic quagmire we may never be able to pull ourselves out of, no matter how hard we try.

The forces arrayed against us are enormously wealthy and powerful.

We, the People, are truly in a state of WAR!!!!!!!!!

Please follow the link below for the entire article located at USA Today Web site.

I copied the article and placed it here due to what I believe is the extreme importance that as many citizens read it as possible. I also fear that the extremely critical to We, the People article may disappear for whatever reason.

Please share the article with as many people as possible. Thank YOU and a BIG “Thanks” to USA Today for placing the article upon its Web site.

Sessions: Immigration plan bad for U.S. workers

There is an unspoken question at the heart of the immigration debate: What is the loyalty a nation owes to its own citizens?



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Remembering Mr. Myrl Billings

Honoring and remembering one of a multitude of USA citizens whose deeds and even their existence at one time is fading in the minds of the masses.

“A grave marker, flanked by both an American and French flag, rests in the Lincoln Memorial Cemetery in Springfield, Missouri. The name on the marker is Myrl Billings. Billings was a Springfield native African American who fought in World War I with the 369th Regiment of the New York National Guard. He was the only African American soldier from Springfield to receive the Croix de Guerre for gallantry in action during World War I.”

Read more at —–>  Myrl Billings & The Harlem Hellfighters


Thanks to Google Books and the writers of the book; Missouri’s Black Heritage, I found the ONE picture of Myrl Billings revealed by a lengthy Web search. What a handsome young man!!!! He is the guy in the middle. I wish we knew the names of the two guys standing next to him.


Myrl Billings


I am guessing he was 19 or 20 in the picture. I was in the Navy at that age. I bet that the commonalities of the strangeness of military life resulted in similarities in our experiences despite the differences in army and navy lifestyles along with the many years’ difference between our lifetimes. Though things change some things remain the same… such as humans interacting with their environment, feeling fear, wonder, excitement and happiness.

Here is a video telling us about Mr. Billings:




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