Immigrants are New World Order weapons of Western civilization destruction



The ongoing invasion of Western countries by 2nd- and 3rd-world masses continues unabated. How long will it be until Western civilization is absorbed by the teeming masses of the world incapable of creating their own first-world country/society/culture?

The people of the West are being outbred by those whose enormous populations hare already destroyed or in the process of their ecosphere and biosphere. The natural resources of the Western countries are doomed to destruction despite Western people wisely limiting their birth rate to numbers that will allow nature to heal.

Instead of healing nature is under assault by the fast-breeding idiots of the world who are consuming natural resources at unsustainable rates. Mass famines await the world along with severe lacks of potable water. Future wars of conquest will be to acquire food and water.

With enormous populations inside Western countries with loyalties to their homelands and their cultures and societies when the full-scale national invasions arrive at Western countries the 5th-columns within the West will ensure the foreign invaders are victorious.

People of the West . . . our demise is inevitable. New World Order (NWO) tyrants seeking a one-world government, with a tiny minority of the planet’s richest elite tyrants as our overlords, are purposefully using their lackeys within all governments of Western countries to allow hordes of legal immigrants and illegal alien invaders to dilute the existing populations of all Western countries (barring a few hold-outs such as Hungary whose leaders are under assault by NWO forces).

Unless extreme measures are taken by Western patriots our demise is inevitable.


First 90-acre Hindu park coming up in Canada’s Brampton city to be named after holy Gita


“A multi-million dollar park to be carved out in Brampton city of Canada will be named after the Hindu holy scripture, Gita. The Hindus constitute the second largest immigrant community after the Sikhs in Canada with a large Gujarati community having settled there.”

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