New-improved Diverse Multicultural USA a Wonderful Place to be?


Roanoke Texas

The degeneracy of the USA is worrisome to some and problematic to others while some of the herd greet degeneracy with glee and wholeheartedly embrace some to many of degeneracy’s aspects.

Am I the only one that views the elite-owned mainstream media as promoting degeneracy within the USA and other countries?

Posted here for informative purposes and to display the reported presence of armed Antifa present to protect degeneracy. Antifa is one of the threats that could possibly confront any patriot militia group. Antifa appears to actively seek out confrontations so as to garner publicity and advance whatever strange causes that bunch of brigands and gangsters adopt at the moment (this paragraph added due to original post being at a patriot militia Web site).

Note: I was not present at that event so am relying upon 2nd-hand information.

Welcome to the new-improved diverse and multicultural USA rapidly encroached upon by a New World Order that seeks to destroy nationalism and bow down to a one-world government with a tiny minority of the populace, the ultra-wealth multi-billionaire elite class, as our all-powerful overlords using a huge herd of obedient minions, cohorts and lackeys to force the overlords orders upon the masses of common folks.

What type/kind of parent would take their child to view this stuff?

Video at linked-to site:


Drag Queen show (with 20 children present) protected by Armed Antifa


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