New World Order; our future masters requiring total obedience from us? YES!!!

no right to decide who to share country with no rights at all


“Border Patrol opens gate locked by Texas National Guard to allow illegal immigrants to enter”


Another aspect of USA life that the elite-owned mainstream media used to spread New World Order (NWO) propaganda and inoctrination will never cover since doing so would hamper the elite’s and their lackey’s efforts to force that evil NWO upon the USA is that a too-large percentage of the USA Hispanic/Latino/Chicano/etc populace has more loyalty to their ethnicity than they do to the USA.

Live among the Hispanic horde and experience the reality of ethnic loyalty for yourself.

The ongoing invasion of the USA by the hordes to our south that includes people from across the planet seeking to invade the USA across the southern border . . . often for evil ends such as jihadists emplacing 5th-columnists to be here ready to strike when the Moslem warriors guiding them give the word. The Chinese are doing the same thing. USA legal immigration and student visa processes assists our enemies with preparing for destroying the USA.

Traitors have infested all levels of USA governance; from the most local level to the Oval Office. Corporate boardrooms are chock-full of very-well-paid minions of the tyrannical ruling elites that own the corporations and are using corporations to assist with the destruction of the barriers preventing the elites from placing themselves as our ultimate overlords when the NWO takes total control.

All Westen countries are under assault. If you are not aware of this open your eyes, ears and minds and use the Web that allows even the laziest to determine for their selves of the ongoing brutal assault against the entirety of Western civilization.
The USA and other Western countries are being bled dry by the enemies of freedom using the “death of a thousand cuts.” When we are bled dry the evil tyrannical overlords enter their heyday and proceed to immerse the masses in their New Dark Age that will benefit the few at the top via the swat and blood of the many at the bottom.

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