Warn Others of Perils and Dangers Swarming Throughout the USA and the Entirety of Western Civilization


Emulate what the successful people, groups, associations, organizations and other human constructs do to advance their cause.

We, the People . . . the “common” folks of the USA, lack the wealth to own and control the systems that the tyrannical elite-class does. We can not pay $50-million-dollar salaries to professional to operate our broadcasting system or Hollywood studio filling the TV and movie theaters with thinly-disguised, if even that, propaganda and indoctrination.

Countries use the same methods of coercing and suggesting and advising when they fall short of out-and-out banning via criminal laws or urging behaviors via taxation. Want to limit an activity? Place a high tax upon it as was done with tobacco use.

In the video we see Israel at work molding minds, thoughts and, hopefully to them, behaviors. It is very likely that most, maybe all, countries are doing the same thing in various ways. The radical Moslem groups across the world are using the Web for communicating and influencing. Western militias with a patriot stance also need to do their part.

Wander the Web and notice the many common folks upon the Web trying to counter the negative forces of many types assaulting Western civilization. In the USA the assaults range from local activities such as “odd weird freaky” people, demanding and being allowed to lead reading-hours for little kids at public libraries.



Local to state to regional to national the New World Order and other threats continuously assault the Founder’s creation that also includes the general society and cultures within whose existence created the USA. In contrast, consider the growing Islamic presence within the USA seeking to install Sharia law at least in the areas of their control. I ask you . . . where is the Islam-dominant country that at least roughly compares with what the Founders and our European heritage has created?

Divide and conquer. Get the masses bickering with each other. Continuously import competing cultures into Western countries to tear apart social and societal bonds. Europe is being ravaged with that tactic and even the USA to a somewhat lesser extent but the input of hostiles continues. Also recall the open border with a huge influx of the cultures to our south who can, at best, create those societies and countries that are often led by warlords and life quality for the masses is horrid.

The major propaganda/indoctrination systems along with our educational systems are not conveying the realities of the extreme dangers confronting the USA. It is our duty as patriots to step in and do what we can. Use any means at hand to warn others of our perils. Individual talk. A notice on a real-life bulletin board. A flyer or poster or anything that TACTFULLY conveys the message.

The Web has become the meeting-hall of the modern age. With the Web text and pictures predominate with audio and video a growing method of conveying information, even for the “little people” lacking the enormous wealth of many of our foes. A recent article told of Generation Z, the Zoomers, the younger cohort within society, abandoning Facebook for their adored Tik-Tok Web site where audio/video content is the mainstay. Something to think about when jumping into the fray to warn the masses of the dangerous New World Order and its multitude of methods to disrupt the USA and all of Western civilization.

Here is the video that prompted me to insert this post:



When you do your patriot duty and reach out to others warning them of the many ways the New World Order (NWO) tyrants and their huge army of minions, cohorts and lackeys are diving the USA allowing that vile NWO to slither in and take total control observe what the professionals do. Copy their efforts. Add your personal touch, of course, but the elites have spent BILLIONS of dollars over the decades to perfect their indoctrination methods. Observe advertising of all types. That is indoctrination; trying to convince you to do something such as buying a product. Some advertising is designed to make you think or behave or act in an area outside the buying a product realm. Political ads are an obvious example. See how the pros do it and tailor your messages so that they proximate what you see on TV and print magazines.

Web-based content placed by corporate entities back by the big bucks of the elite class is another place to find indoctrination/propaganda. Professionals well-trained with persuasive techniques assemble those Web sites. The often pro-New World Order stance will differ greatly from your output but emulate the methods the enemy uses and add your pro-USA pro-Western civilization message to your efforts.

The larger the group of patriots countering evil the more success we will have. Be relentless but do not rant and rave continuously especially in-person in real life.

That’s enough for now. Patriots, there is an ongoing war for hearts and minds in all Western countries. Patriots must muster their forces to repel the New World Order and the tyranny it brings that, if successful, will plunge the West into a New Dark Age for the masses of common folks.



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