The Question Every Man Always Has to Answer: What Value Do I Provide?


Dad was a rough-tough grizzled child of the Great Depression who was a Pacific Theater World War Two Marine. Departing the service in 1946 he tried various jobs including small-town cop and fire fighter until specializing with hazards control at a nuclear research facility tied to the now-defunct Atomic Energy Commission. There he held a Q-clearance and was present for Operation Dominic and various Nevada test sight detonations.



Serious-minded is not an apt description of the Old Man. Hard-core to the max!!! However, he was not indoctrinated by the various social and government AND elite-class-created mechanisms. Okay; all of us ARE indoctrinated to a certain extent. It as a part of the socialization process for a species that is a pack animal. It is the TYPE of embedded indoctrination that is critical. Sadly, I detect an ever-growing percentage of the populace of all Western countries being indoctrinated in ways that assist the New World Order advocates and the elites lording over us.

Dad was a free-thinker. Raising me I had lots of liberty as long as I stayed out of trouble with authority figures such as school administration and the legal system. I could read anything I desired and was allowed to determine what, if any, religion I would embrace. In my early teens I started hitch-hiking around the San Francisco Bay Area. The general rule was that if I was going to be out “too late” to make a phone call and say where I was and time expected home. With the hippie movement going on and hitch-hiking still a fast way to get a ride (unlike today) I experienced a LOT!!!

Dad gave advice of a general nature. “Don’t get ’em pregnant” No problem. If you just gotta’ drink booze with a dame get a motel room and do not drive.” Gotcha’. Career advice was extremely minimal. With the physical training I was required to undergo to ensure I could protect myself (I was very proficient) and tales of war and the ongoing battles at Korea and now (then current) Vietnam war I think he assumed I would end up drafted into the military. Much of his raising me was, I believe, looking back, to make me a survivor so as to fight and live instead of fight and die.

I well-recall his main working career advice. Basic and simple. “Be useful.”
Experience taught me that, though his advice was lacking in many ways, in general, being useful assists with at least having a job. Maybe not a good one. But at least it allowed enough income to feed myself.

For the record; I was never drafted. The all-volunteer military started in 1973 and in 1974, with a recession on and the Old Man’s rule; an adult makes his own way in the world, I had to make a decision and quickly. I was informed when young, around ten-years-old, that when I turned 21 I knew where the front door was so be ready to go out it. Ummmm . . . okay. Then the feds changed the voting age to 18 and for many things society and the legal system viewed the 18-year-old as an adult. The Old Man let me know that the front door rule would now impact me at 18. Since I graduated high school at 17 there was no still-in-school relief. College was not included here. If I wanted education after K-12 schooling I was on my own.

Working local jobs that paid little and no prospects and no idea of what to do the military was my only option!!! The folks eagerly signed the papers the recruiter handed them. Entered boot camp at 17. No party, no cake, no nothing when I turned 18 in boot camp. Meh. I just wanted to get the hell out of boot camp!!!

In the military I tried to be useful. That approach worked fairly well but being in good graces with power figures was as important as being productive. That seems to be true nearly everywhere both in and out of the military. There is truth in the adage “It’s not what you know but who you know.” YES YES YES . . . that IS a generality but it is a fact in many situations and circumstances. In some job areas skills are critical. But, to maximize your pay and job stability and finding a new job if one is lost for whatever reason who you know comes to the forefront. The upper-crust elites and their high-level lackeys ensure that their cohort is well taken care of. Plummet down to the working-poor socioeconomic class and life is far more precarious but is less so if you have a few contacts with folks in power positions at that lowly level.

It is a damn shame that K-12 schooling does not instruct youth about life realities in the USA. Especially the kids in the lower socioeconomic classes. The “rich kids” in their enclaves do not need this life lesson.

On the subject of work and life reality it is time to offer you what brought me here to start with:

Article about a reality of male life.

If you have noticed the spate of female complaints about the general topic of “There are no good men out there” along with ample elite-owned pro-New World Order (NWO) media coverage about the topic that glorifies the gals while lambasting males in general and White male bashing in particular few give a thought to the burdens our society places upon males.

“No one gives a damn if you’re a nice guy or have a good heart. People want to know what value you bring to the table.”

The Question Every Man Always Has to Answer: What Value Do I Provide?


Follow the link above for a brief article that conveys a lot of reality. A reality the Old Man tried to convey with his succinct statement of “Be useful.”




A horde of liberals and leftists are serving their elite-class masters by ensuring a large percentage of the national wealth rises ever-upwards into the pockets of the elites at the apex of the socioeconomic hierarchy



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