Propaganda & Indoctrination. Patriots Surrounded by New World Order Lackey Scum


NWO the acronym for New World Order

Before placing a snippet from an anti-Western civilization anti-White essay I shall show you who is responsible for this Web site titled:

Hungarian Spectrum (about)


Notice where most of the scalawags responsible for the propaganda originate . . . it is NOT Hungary. Nope, USA institutions notorious for hiring New World Order-promoting buffoons is the main sours of propaganda-spewing.

Hungarian Spectrum features daily analyses of news from Hungary—political, economic, and cultural. Its editor and primary pundit is Eva S. Balogh, who formerly taught East European history at Yale University. Guest contributors include Kim Lane Scheppele, professor of sociology and international affairs at Princeton University; Charles Gati, senior research professor of European and Eurasian studies at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies; Randolph L. Braham, distinguished professor emeritus of political science and director of the Rosenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York; and Janos Kornai, professor of economics emeritus at Harvard University and Corvinus University of Budapest.

At the bottom of the “About” page I read a few comments from folks questioning the validity of the site’s contents. The simpletons gushing their delight with the site are, in my opinion, likely well-indoctrinated simpleton sheep bleating their delight with the New World Order and the lackeys serving the elite-class masters

Invasion and disruption of Western countries is one of many tactics used by the .0005% of the population controlling around half of the entire planetary wealth. Those greedy power-hungry tyrants can afford to hire entire armies of minions, cohorts and lackeys to perform the many tasks needed to take total control of all Western countries. This is reality. No conspiracy theory here. Look at life around you!!! Wander the Web and if you are not already aware of the dangers confronting all Western countries and Western civilization in general you better become aware and spread the word to others. We, the People must counter the massive amounts of propaganda relentlessly deluging us from the multitude of sources those tyrannical elites own. Included with media and other sources is the crap spewed by traitor politicians and bureaucrats in all Western countries loyal to their elite-class masters. How’s that expensive estate on Martha’s Vineyard your masters legally provided you with, traitor Obama?

Here is the Hungarian Spectrum article that angered me greatly. Read the linked-to crap condemning Hungary’s president for not wanting his country inundated with foreign invaders that could easily destroy the fabric of their society, culture and entire country . . . as is happening in Britain, Germany, Sweden, and other Western countries; including the USA.

Throughout the essay oft-used propaganda tactics are employed. The seasoned reader will detect them immediately. One example is tying in the carnage of a lone gunman in New Zealand angered at the Islamic Invasion of the West (There is NO reciprocal Christian invasion of Islamic countries. Any attempt to do so would result in death to Christian invaders) with the actions within Hungary to preserve their traditions.

The New World Order demands capitulation!!! Obey the masters!!! The NWO has infested the traitor filth operating the European Union (EU). Hungary is under assault by the EU and many other evil entities created and/or funded by tyrant elites in their never-ending quest to dominate all Western countries!!!

Prepare for total war, patriots. The threat is real and grows daily.

Here is a snippet from the vile pro-NWO anti-Hungary anti-patriot venom from the traitor filth assisting their NWO masters:

The online literature on the Great Replacement is vast, and everything I read is in line with Viktor Orbán’s passionate denial of immigrant status in Hungary to people outside of white Europe, with the possible exception of Asians. In his version of the conspiracy theory, George Soros personifies globalism, and finance capitalism promotes immigration because it fits Soros’s theory of an open society. Moreover, I found several “Great Replacement” sites where I read that “the great replacement is sponsored by Jewry.” The political elite in cahoots with Soros is also promoting immigration for short-sighted economic reasons, but Orbán stands firm because he can already see a non-white invasion of Europe that will lead to the death of Christian Europe.

Let’s face it, Viktor Orbán is a follower of a white supremacist conspiracy theory. It seems that we needed a monstrous hate crime in New Zealand to call attention to this far-right conspiracy theory that almost perfectly expresses Viktor Orbán’s worldview.



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