New World Order Elites Encourage Deviancy of Every Type


““A pride event in PA featured a stripper pole where they taught kids how to pole dance,” the Twitter account LibsofTikTok posted on Thursday along with a TikTok video showing a young boy with a rainbow skirt pole dancing after a man with no shirt gave him instructions. 

“Central PA Pride had a pole set up with an amazing instructor to assist,” the caption on the post read. “My kiddo is a natural!””

“The popular conservative Twitter account also posted a letter from Pennsylvania’s Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf expressing his support for the event.”


Many ways to destroy a country without using over old-fashioned war. Brainwash and indoctrinate the masses to accept the new rulers. Allow hordes of invaders with differing cultures from the country being invaded to enter. Pay huge wages to corporate operators to run the firm as the elite-class owners desire even though the leadership behavior is traitorous and detrimental to the USA.

Endless indoctrination by the media outlets only the very wealthy can afford and use them to make the populace receptive of a New World Order (NWO) where an elite-class controls governance and every other society aspect. Use minorities to tear apart societal fabric by encouraging them to rampage, pillage, plunder, loot, rape, murder and more at rates FAR BEYOND their percentage of the populace. Then lambaste the productive cohorts that positively contribute; in this instance Asians and Whites.

Send billions and trillions of dollars to overseas warlords and tyrants propping them up since they work with elite-owned corporations. Screw what is best for the USA and the masses of common folks within. Fill educational systems with college-trained well-indoctrinated leftists and New World Order-supporters who view instructing youth to be good citizen-sheep that obey the tyrant overlords as their primary calling. Allow throngs of foreign Moslems whose culture/religion/mentality/etc have NOTHING positive to offer the USA. Instead, those Moslem filth plot and scheme to screw the USA taxpayers while supporting Islamic efforts of the last 1,300 years to engulf the planet with their death cult. Islam is FAR MORE than a mere religion. It is a governmental, economic, social, cultural and other life aspects way of life.

There are many other methods that enemies of freedom seek to conquer the USA along with all other Western countries. Using youth as a weapon; indoctrinating them to either actively engage in out-of-the-norm behaviors or supporting them, is an abomination.

Live and let live is fine!!! No damn “Gay bashing” or other acts that are already crimes within our legal system and do not require special protections given to a tiny cohort. The USA is becoming a brainwashed bunch with a continuously declining quality of citizens. As the decline continues the wealth and power of the New World Order traitor fiends grows and the masses increasingly become mere serfs and peons.

Patriots . . . is there any other option other than winning a full-scale no-holds-barred Revolutionary War Two?


Central Pennsylvania Pride Festival features shirtless instructor teaching kids to pole dance




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