Tyrants with vast wealth perverting USA society and cultures

(Image courtesy of the patriot pro-Western civilization Vdare organization. Visit and support them, patriots)


Patriots, follow the link for an article describing how tyrannical forces of evil are destroying the USA.

Vdare is a collaboration of patriots spreading the words of warning to all who care that the New World Order (NWO) is steadily garnering evermore wealth and power. That wealth hires hordes of minions, cohorts and lackeys and the elite-owned propaganda/indoctrination distribution systems coerce many simpleton commoners to support the NWO.

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Snippets from the essay to hopefully make you hunger for more and cross the Web miles to reach the article telling how immense wealth and organizations of brainwashed lackeys strive to act in ways to dismantle the Founder’s creation.

“The destruction of our Southern heritage is more than symbolic, of course. The Waltons—through Walmart and the foundation—are importing legions of urban Leftists to colonize Bentonville. Now, LGBT flags fly from the rooftops and Biden signs line some of the streets. This is in a county that voted more than 60 percent for POTUS 45 Trump in 2020.”

“Like BlackRock, the investment company that is purchasing whole neighborhoods of inexpensive homes across the country, the Waltons and their friends have used inflation and speculation to drive up prices to the point that native Arkansawyers can no longer afford to live in their hometown.”

“Fayetteville is home to Arkansas’s sole refugee resettlement operation, an organization called Canopy NWA. Since its inception, Canopy has received more than $500,000 from the Walton Family Foundation.

Clint Schnekloth, pastor at Fayetteville’s Good Shepherd Lutheran Church—which, as we will see, is also an incubator of child grooming and child transgenderism—founded the organization and is board chairman.

Canopy’s Executive Director is Joanna Krause, who proudly says that she carries on the traditions of her German-Jewish grandparents [Meet Canopy’s New Executive Director — Joanna Krause!, by Hannah Lee, CanopyNWA.org, June 14, 2020].

Canopy is an affiliate of the Treason Lobby subsidiary Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service and one of nine agencies that receive tens of millions of dollars to settle millions of Third World invaders across the United States [Nonprofit Spotlight: Refugee resettlement organization prepares to aid displaced Afghans, by Victoria Hernandez, Arkansas Traveler, October 5, 2021]. In 2016 alone, government provided more than 96 percent of LIRS’s budgets. Get that? Our tax dollars are funding our replacement.”


There is more. Follow the link. Consider what future your kids then their kids and theirs will confront as the New World Order brings about a New Dark Age where a minute portion of the population has total control over government as the elites currently have with their monolithic corporations that already have far more influence over many aspects of USA life than We, the People have.

A first-world country is operated by systems. He/she/it/no-gender/all-genders/whatever that controls the systems controls all who live within. When governments (local, regional, state, federal) enter unholy traitorous alliances with elite-owned corporations the masses of common folks are mere toys for power and wealth to play with. As the NWO continues assaulting us using a large number of tactics such as open borders, lax efforts in the corrupted judicial system to quell criminality, buying up large swathes of housing and allowing foreigners to also enter the market driving housing costs ever-upward to displace USA common folks (Hooverville in our future?) and many other devious evil schemes, scams and plots our plight becomes overwhelming.

Patriots, I predict that the NWO and the tyrants pushing for their plans to succeed will be successful. The elites and their corporate entities along with their huge army of well-paid and well-indoctrinated lackeys are an irresistible force to what in the future will have the commoners become serfs forced to obey the overlords and lackeys . . . or else. Fail to obey and slavery or even death could be your fate.

How do we stop this growing threat? With over 25-years of following the rise of the NWO my conclusion that within the USA only a full-scale revolt via a military coup led by a patriot officer corps can defeat the NWO. The fight is military and economic. The immense power of the monolithic corporations must end. The accumulation of wealth-amounts inconceivable to many folks must also end. Systems of various types have been altered by the elites and their government lackeys to ensure a large percentage of the wealth created by the labors of common folks is funneled upwards to the tyrannical few.

Patriots, this topic is extremely complicated. Entire books are required to convey the threat and a couple more to describe how that threat exists via manipulations of systems created to control how a country operates. If only my brain could grab and understand all the ways the elites scam us common folks. The complexity of the system used as weapons against us assists the tyrant’s ceaseless efforts. Those systems must be altered to benefit ALL of us, not just an elite class and their well-paid lackeys. Also, the propaganda systems used; from Hollywood to TV to broadcast media of all types and printed propaganda and even the advertising industry are elite-owned and are used to indoctrinate the masses. Even our educational systems are corrupted as brainwashed buffoon lackeys depart college and enter the teaching slots to spread the NWO idiocy and perversion to kids and young adults.

The time is far from right for a patriot uprising. Maybe the needed deeds will never occur. All Western countries are under assault with several of them far closer to patriot defeat than the USA. I will not live long enough to watch the collapse of Western civilization. Maybe the USA will be a lone outpost surrounded by enemy forces. Who knows. Why do I even care? Maybe I could get a bit of the Soros or Rockefeller or Ford Foundation or Rothschild or one or more of the many people, trusts, associations, organizations, etc used to distribute a small amount of the immense elite-class fortune to hire lackeys and even mercenaries such as BLM and Antifa thugs and others to assist the elite’s endless efforts to force their New World Order upon us.

I am not a traitor to Western civilization so what else can I do other than spread a warning you will never see on TV or any major newspaper.

With a whimper and not a bang?


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