Omen of Future Horror?


Vermont National Guard, Austria Formalize Partnership

“Today’s ceremony is not the finish line of a 40-year friendship. It is the beginning of a new, deeper partnership built on global security, economic cooperation, shared values and cultural exchange,” Hokanson said. “By working together, pooling our resources, and learning from each other, we enhance readiness and interoperability. We deepen enduring friendships and further understanding. We invest in ourselves, and we invest in our shared future.”

Vermont National Guard, Austria Formalize Partnership


If (when?) tyranny totally consumes USA governance from the federal to state to local levels will these agreements and commitments with foreign countries ease the path for tyrants to call upon outside forces to assist with destroying patriot USA citizens who follow the Founder’s written orders on how to deal with tyrants and tyranny?

George Washington warned us about foreign entanglement. Sure, times and events change and some foreign interactions are required but it appears that foreign entanglements are the norm in this “brave new world” of Wokeness and monolithic corporations with more wealth and power than some countries and the unholy alliances between big business and huge government and then the extreme evil of the elite-class-driven New World Order (NWO) that seeks to have a minute percentage of the populace, the mega-wealthy cohort atop the socioeconomic pyramid, as our overlords that all governments in all Western countries are forced to obey or else.

That NWO is winning the battle for supremacy due to it ability to hire legions of traitors to serve the NWO within governments and corporations and the vast propaganda distribution systems of the NWO ensures that hordes of simpleton common folks absorb the propaganda and indoctrination preparing them for serfdom and servitude when the NWO takes full control.

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