Message to Militia Members & Comrades


(re-posted message from militia Web site)


Compare/contrast time. Below are posts that are comprised mainly of a graphic conveying a message and others that are chock-full of text. Few folks have the inclination to delve into more than a sentence or two of text. Such is the declining mental acuity and general overall quality of the typical USA resident.

I use “resident” vice “citizen” due to the mega-millions of non-citizens within the USA than one must always consider the loyalties within the citizen cohort. How many are loyal to the rising New World Order? We saw some of the traitor-class running rampant through the street protest (supposedly) the demise of their beloved George Floyd. How many of those ne’er-do-wells adored the dead thug criminal and how many were merely thug criminals themselves?

Brevity is needed to communicate with the majority of USA denizens. Few are the folks that will read an entire paragraph. The US military knows this thus the reason so much training is reduced to blocks of limited instruction. Complicated training such as equipment repair requires more advanced material but the process of selecting personnel for those tasks eliminates the majority unwilling or incapable of doing those tasks.

KISS  Keep It Simple Stupid.  Whether training or teaching or conveying personal or militia unit beliefs KISS.

When interacting with any entity outside your unit the less you say/write and the simpler the message you enable the ability to reach the maximum number of people and, perhaps most importantly, the shorter and simpler your message the harder it is for the often evil anti-USA pro-New World Order (NWO) media and the traitor lackeys within that industry to warp your words allowing the traitors to make you, your unit, militias in general and in worst case scenarios make the USA as a whole appear to be the evil ones!!!!

Here we end the latest grunting from the Disgruntled Old Coot who fears that a NWO victory is inevitable unless extreme actions are taken by patriots in positions wielding far more power than even the combined militias of all states can wield.

Before I leave my groovy graphic and wander off to roam the Web I toss out one of my oft-repeated thoughts:

The peaceful method is always best. Try and try again to win with words. If all else fails only then resort to what should be a last resort.

Good luck to all of you!!!

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