Warning to the Uninformed, the Indoctrinated and the Brainwashed Buffoons


Lately my research has been towards potential threats to the entirety of the USA. Perils that can harm our society as a whole and our way of life. The threats are many and include hordes of invaders slithering across our southern border. Elite-owned mainstream media slants the reality of invasion negatives. Then the propaganda systems bash the patriots with a different form of slanted coverage to make patriots appear to be the evil ones. Follow the link below for extremely slanted, biased reporting that uses a couple negative events to make massive amounts of patriot efforts appear as Satanic and a threat to the entirety of the USA.

The U.S.-Mexico border isn’t protected by militias, it’s patrolled by domestic terrorists

I have been observing affairs in Europe where horrors abound. Reporting from Sweden shows the “immigrants” who have proven they are incapable of assimilating into Western society and culture preying upon the populace and even the damn cops are afraid!!! The brainwashing by the media and other elite-controlled sources is so effective that a video shows cute young Swedish girls making excuses for rapists and other criminal activity by the Moslems and assorted sub-Saharan Africans.

So many threats to our Western ways of life within the USA and afar. The complexity of the problems I see makes sharing my concerns difficult. Threats abound internally and externally and I do not see the federal government doing much to counter the threats. States do a little at the local level but far from enough. Local authorities do their local stuff but even here the efforts vary. Look at sanctuary cities where illegal alien invaders are coddled often at taxpayer expense. And the elite-owned media does it traitorous affairs at the local level as it does nationally.

In my area there have been a few murders committed by illegals. One that really bothered me was a high school guy brutally stabbed to death by a 24-year-old illegal male that had been molesting the guy’s sister who was a mere 12-yers-old. Local media gave this event very little media coverage. One print local media mentioned the illegal status ONCE and then dropped that mention. None of the other media mentioned the illegal status and the story soon disappeared and I never saw or read any further coverage. Was there a trial? What was the sentence? Can’t make the illegals look bad, you know.

What are the threats facing We, the People? The media distorts reality. What and who can we believe? Sadly, I have found foreign news reports about USA internal affairs to be more in-depth and offer more information that the obviously biased reporting by our own media!!!

While absorbing massive amounts of information, opinions, thoughts, ideas, etc. from the vastness of the Web I have come to agree with others with far better minds than mine and access to insider information that is hard for the common folks to obtain. Those folks declare that there IS an actual attempt by extremely wealthy people in the .05% or so of the Western populace to seize control of Western governments and dictate to the populace through those governments how we are to live our lives. Willing minions, cohorts and lackeys either well-paid or well-indoctrinated or both follow the overlord orders and do the grunt work that allows the many negatives that are destroying Western societies, cultures and entire countries.

All Western countries are under relentless attack. Our basic Western ways of life are in peril. Change is a constant throughout human history. Is defying change a bad thing? Is the changes coming our way inevitable and will they result in a better life for future generations? I look at the changes in Europe and other Western countries and I shudder with dread. The changes I have observed within the USA also scare me. I can not imaging the citizens of the post-World War Two era tolerating what we are. But those earlier folks were not indoctrinated from birth to accept a New World Order as following generations have been.

I am merely trying to make aware the militia patriots of potential threats to all we hold dear. Those threats are many and defy any efforts by the “little people” to alter. It will take the people with massive power to change the current realities that may lead to an eventual destruction of the Founder’s creation.

What led to the creation of this post was reading an essay about one of the many threats facing Western civilization; Islamic invasion. Europe has been affected much more than the USA but there are many examples of Islamic evil and expansion within the USA. A Web search shows murder, destruction and the most obvious attack of all; the 9-11 World Trade Center horrors.

Here is the link to the essay telling of the Islamic threat and the indoctrination/brainwashing used by New World Order promoters to prepare the masses for life as placid sheep bleating our delight with our elite-class overlords and their army of traitorous evil lackeys.

Moderate Islam is Our New Religion

Patriots, I urge you to read the essay and pass it along to other patriots. The mainstream media owned by those elites will never inform We, the People about our upcoming destruction and how tyrants are achieving their goals.

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