Older News but a Needed Reminder of Anti-USA Entities



When the evil anti-USA SPLC labels USA citizen patriots mustering together to spread the alarm about the ongoing invasion of the USA across the open borders as “hate groups” then I know who the real “hate group” is. The SPLC.

Search the Web and you can find out that there are corporate entities funding the SPLC hate group with vast amounts of wealth. Such a shame that traitors have infested so many aspects of the USA; from governance to corporate board rooms to an ultra-wealthy elites class down to the common folks of which too many have been indoctrinated by the largest most effective propaganda systems in all of history . . . from TV to news outlets to politicians and bureaucrats spewing the New World Order party line to even the advertising industry and horror of horrors our educational systems!!!!

“Terrorist Supporting Southern Poverty Law Center Cut Off by DoD”

Older news but a valuable reminder of the evils sprouting within the USA that assist the tyrannical elites and the vile New World Order (NWO) . The SPLC receives massive funding from corporate entities that are merely funneling wealth and elite-class desires downward to assist and reward their cohorts, minions and lackeys.

The peril is real and the NWO grows stronger daily. I fear that the result of this ongoing war against the USA and all Western countries and the entirety of Western civilization will be total victory for those evil elites and their massive army of traitors. Hopefully Western country militaries wake up and take the initiative to engage in total war against the foe that will force a New Dark Age upon the common folks of the West.


Terrorist Supporting Southern Poverty Law Center Cut Off by DoD

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