Science-Fiction/Fantasy or a Portent of Things to Come?



Prophesy of upcoming end times of the USA. What if it is accurate or even semi-accurate? There is an ancient rift zone near the Mississippi River where major earthquakes occur. The USA is weakening and foreign foes grow ever-stronger. The New World Order elites are purposefully weakening all Western countries to ease their lusted-for takeover of all Western governments and countries allowing the enslavement of the masses of common folks.

Anything is possible. The USA can not fight a major conflict akin to World War Two due to the elite-owned corporations engaged in manufacturing, steel making and other vital industries fleeing the USA allowing the elite owners to maximize wealth while spitting upon We, the People of the USA; and Congress and state politicians keep kissing elite butt since those elites offer legal financial inducements to USA traitor politicians and bureaucrats.

Expect a traitor president and cronies to surrender when the surgical limited nuclear strikes arrive. The current barbarian invasion across the southern border will be accompanied by incursions across other borders assisted by the huge 5th-column embedded within the USA thanks to lax legal immigration policies allowing enemies to plant their civilian/troops/agents into the USA where they will pave the way for invasion.

Patriots . . . even if the linked-to scenario is not accurate current trends suggest that dire days lay ahead and the Founder’s creation is in severe peril with the danger of enslavement by foreign foes growing daily.


Americas Last Days

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