USA Medical System Scam

life expectency vs health expenditure Western countries


In response to a message board post related to the graph above I made the comment below. Eagerly awaiting the replies especially from the herd that is so well-indoctrinated to bleat their delight with all existing systems within the USA, even when those systems are part of the continuous scam to transfer massive amounts of wealth from the masses to the elite scam artists in collusion with governance at all levels.

The USA medical system has too many elite-class hands grabbing large amounts of wealth from the various medical systems; from product suppliers to rented buildings to scraping profit from insurance firms and every conceivable aspect of the huge medical industry.

Those greedy wealth-grabbing hands do NOTHING to produce medical products or render aid to a sick person. Nothing but create systems allowing a tiny percentage of the USA populace to skim off massive amounts of wealth from the masses of common folks including the doctors whose pay would be much higher (they deserve it) if the skimming scam was not in effect.

Create a national non-profit medical system with extremely strict controls to prevent fraud from both providers and the users of the system (patients) and the economy of scale from buying equipment and supplies would drastically reduce overhead costs. Defraud the medical system and expect life sentences at hard-labor with total asset forfeiture.

Many BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of dollars within the medical care systems are transferred from the masses to the pockets of a few. Those few share the wealth with those in government writing the rules, regulations and statutes. Divorce politicians, bureaucrats, corporate big-wigs and other traitors to We, the People from the medical system and watch medical expenses plummet.

Consider creating a new military branch staffed with hard-core patriot military professionals to arrange and operate a national medical system. Prime goal is to do the most with the available wealth in the most efficient method possible. The masses of ignorant commoners will be trained to NOT ABUSE the system. Severe penalties await those abusing what could be the finest medical system in the world!!!

However, the will is not there and the USA has become a country of weaklings. The few patriots remaining that do have backbone are overwhelmed by an increasingly diverse and multicultural rag-tag bunch of materialistic losers lacking honor and self-pride.

As the elites scam the masses and the quality of the citizenry continuously declines hang on for the ride, folks, because the Founder’s creation is doomed to destruction.


Congress USA corporate headquarters elites businessall governments corrupted by corporations and businessmenUSA government taken over ruling wealthy elites corporations represent common folkfree enterprise versus socialismrich through hard work ask them whose labor wealth elite class war

99% Democrats Republicans 1% ruler reins power elites

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