Tyranny is Growing Within the USA

we're armed so you don't need to be only following executive orders


Patriots, the various systems within the USA, especially the government and corporate-based systems, devoted ample time, effort and money to indoctrinate those hired to perform various duties. For patriots it is the indoctrination of law enforcement and military personnel that poses the greatest threats to our freedoms.

Nobody knows what percentage of the cops and troops will follow anti-Constitutional orders to impose tyranny upon We, the People. A certain percentage of people will obey orders no matter what they are because they come from an authority figure. That blind obedience is taught in public and, often, private schools. Some folks will obey illegal orders because they want to keep their good-paying jobs and benefits.

There are other reasons why tyrant lackeys will support illegal activities or the New World Order (NWO)  or whatever is compelling government to exert illegal lusts upon the USA. Oath Keepers has been repeatedly attacked by the elite-owned tyrannical NWO-promoting media due to its efforts to remind cops and troops that the Constitution and the freedom of We,the People comes before illicit and illegal bureaucrat and politician orders. The traitors within Congress are currently prosecuting Oath Keeper members for what, at most, were likely misdemeanors but the traitors are blowing affairs and events way out of proportion.

Stewart Rhodes, the Oath Keeper founder, was arrested and not allowed bail. There has been noticeable media silence about his incarceration. This tactic would surely be used against all militia members across the USA if the tyrants felt that patriots posed a threat to tyranny. The tyrants are powerless without willing lackeys and any person or group trying to inform the cops and troops about where their loyalties should lay is a target.

All militias should do their part with reminding cops and troops that their first loyalty must be to the Constitution and the huge mass of regular folks that is We, the People. Tyrants in authority positions must have their illegal orders ignored at the least and continued tyranny requires that the evil be removed.


This coward was free to murder an unarmed patriot military veteran female even though she posed no physical threat to him. His bureaucrat and politician masters the vile filth serves so well was given free-reign to murder and walk away with job and benefits that We, the People are paying for.

Is there any doubt that there are plenty more of these thugs serving the tyrants and traitors infesting government who will happily murder you and/or your loved ones and fellow patriots?

We, the People must do all we can to inform as many cops and troops as possible that tyranny has risen and is growing within the USA. The New World Order gains wealth and power daily. The peril is real and growing and too-few Americans are aware of the dangers!!!

United States Capital Police Lt. Michael Leroy Byrd


Copy of policestate1jpg


ruling class 1% elites cops government media military voters peons commoners


jack boot thugs and body armor


all governments corrupted by corporations and businessmen


people telling us we do not need guns and walls surround themselves

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