Truth & Reality Hidden with Elite-owned Web Search Engines


Patriots, Google is controlled by those seeking a New World Order (NWO) and hire lackeys to do their dirty work within the lackey’s corporate cubicle where those minor traitor functionaries will use the typical excuse of “But I’m just doing my job!!!”

Google is a handy search engine as is Bing and there are other minor ones. A just-complete Google search for the traitor evil George Soros had the main and second page full of links to pro-Soros Web sites operated by major corporations and their lackeys ” . . . just doing my job.”

I jumped over to the Russia-based Yandex and the first page there for the same Soros search phrase yielded links to content sharing the truth about that traitor to Western civilization Soros whose efforts are combined with other mega-wealthy elites to impose their New World Order upon all Western countries. And, sadly and fearfully, that evil NWO is steadily defeating the patriot forces of the West. Our superior numbers can not and do not counter massive wealth (the elites possess fully half of the planets wealth according to some sources) along with the monolithic corporations the elites own and control. The elites control the vast majority of the world’s propaganda dissemination systems that include Television and entertainment industries and even the advertising industry is owned by elites. Have you noticed the embedded and even obvious propaganda in today’s advertising? Even Western educational systems have been filled with NWO lackeys indoctrinating our youth!!!!!

We, the People are in an actual state of WAR and we are losing!!!! The best us little people can do is try to counter the massive amounts of propaganda and indoctrination filling our daily lives. We, the People must muster our forces, convince law enforcement and military personnel at all levels that their loyalty is to the masses of common folks, not elites and their politician and bureaucrat lackeys. If open warfare ever breaks out we are doomed if the elites and their lackeys hired enforcement arms are not largely on the patriot side fighting for a just cause that the Founders of freedom would support fully if they could be with us.

I conclude with the starting point. When seeking truth and reality use Google but then try Yandex or Bing and compare the search results. There is knowledge to be found at any Web search engine but the NWO search engines hide and embed facts and data helpful to the patriot cause.


Yandex Search Engine


Still biased but apparently not to the evil extreme of Google:




Slideshow below. Embedded controls at bottom center allow pausing to read graphics and to copy, if desired:


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