Patriot Protesters Hated by the New World Order and its Lackeys

members of Patriot Front arrested near an LGBTQ pride Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, June 11, 2022


Arrested just for showing up. Past experiences of patriots being physically attacked by Antifa, BLM (Black Lives Matter) and their supporters has taught the various groups to be prepared to defend themselves from attacks that have occurred as police have stood there and watched allowing the attacks to occur!!!  A Web search of the recent past will verify what I write!!!!!

Defying the New World Order is fraught with danger. Any group, no matter how patriotic or law-abiding, must take great care if protesting any group or entity supported by the New World Order and the immense power that the anti-Western civilization elites wields via the many corporations they own. The broadcasting media, entertainment industries and many other aspects of USA life including immense influence upon government at all levels leaves the common folks of the USA, the people that try to continue with what the Founders created, at a huge disadvantage in this ongoing culture war that I fear the patriots are losing.

Here is the post placed at other sites where patriots gather:

“When it is White folks arrested for just appearing at an event the elite-owned pro-New World Order anti-USA media will show their pictures and names. When did you ever see this happen with BLM (Black Lives Matter) the Red Guard or other leftist groups even after they were arrested while rioting, looting or burning down entire city blocks?

The anti-White pro-New World Order agenda is backed by extremely wealthy and powerful forces that own many USA corporations including the broadcasting, media and entertainment industries. Patriots have little to counter those forces.”

Read the drivel at the link to experience the extreme bias of the elite-owned media and via their well-paid lackeys who serve their corporate masters. If asked expect the lame excuse “But I’m just doing my job!!!!!”


Patriot Front leader among those arrested near Idaho Pride


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